Elf on the Shelf 2015

Merry Christmas!!!  These are the adventures of our elf, Sparkles, this Christmas, 2015.  Enjoy!

Elf 12-1-15

Day 1 – Sparkles’ arrival

Elf 12-2-15

Day 2 – Sparkles made a Christmas fortune teller!

Elf 12-3-15

Day 3 – Sparkles magically turned the water into marshmallows!

Note about Day 3 – Keri did not believe the magic!!!  When I pointed out what the elf was doing (you know.. using magic to turn water into marshmallows) – Keri’s response was “uhm, mom.. no.. she used toothpicks to stack up the marshmallows.”  Awesome.  REALLY!??  Can we not pretend for a moment magic is happening here?!?

Elf 12-4-15

Day 4 – Sparkles asked Keri for a picture for a surprise

Elf 12-5-15 collage

Day 5 – The surprise!

Elf 12-6-15

Day 6 – Homemade eggless donuts

Elf 12-7-15

Day 7 – Make a Christmas tree out of scrapbooking paper

Note about Day 7 – Awesome idea.. never happened.  She never made the Christmas tree.  I asked her about it a few times, but she had no interest in making one herself.  Boooooo!

Elf 12-8-15

Day 8 – Sledding time!

Day 8 Note:  This sled was a pain in the booty to make.  Seriously.  Hot glue didnt work.  Regular glue didnt work.  Ended up using glue dots – they worked… barely.  I was sooo afraid the elf was going to break!  If you make this sled – use cardstock.  We didnt have any cardstock, so used regular paper.. and that may have been why it didnt turn out well!

Elf 12-9-15

Day 9 – Sparkles brought Keri slippers

Elf 12-10-15 collage

Day 10 – Sparkles changed all the labels on the bottled water to “Melted Snowman”

Elf 12-11-15 collage

Day 11 – Traveling in style.. Sparkles flew around in a hot air balloon!

Day 11 Note:  How cool is this hot air balloon?!?  LOVED doing this!  And it turned out sooooo incredibly cute!!

Elf 12-12-15

Day 12 – Santa came to our Christmas party.. Sparkles made a sign for him!

Elf 12-13-15

Day 13 – Sparkles with a mini Christmas tree and Santa gnome

Elf 12-14-15

Day 14 – Sparkles swinging upside down from a swing

Elf 12-15-15

Day 15 – Homemade snowballs.. and a snowball fight!

Elf 12-16-15

Day 16 – Sparkles hanging from bows in Keri’s bathroom

Elf 12-17-15

Day 17 – Sparkles bought window markers and drew on the bathroom mirror!

Elf 12-18-15

Day 18 – Sparkles put googly eyes on the items in the refrigerator!

Elf 12-19-15 Collage

Day 19 – Sparkles wrapped the dog up and took pictures. Awesome.

Elf 12-20-15

Day 20 – Sparkles playing in the blinds

Day 20 Note:  So, this was not part of the plan.  Day 20 was suppose to be Sparkles playing Snowflake Hopscotch.  I bought a bunch of miniature snowflakes, and was setting it up on her table downstairs.  Set up the hopscotch board.. and was cutting out the numbers to place on the table and who comes to the top of the stairs?  Yep.  Keri.  She saw all the snowflakes and exactly what I was doing.  Scrapped this idea, put the snowflakes with the wrapping paper, and moved elf here to the blinds.  So.. hence why it is not creative!  And nope.. she never asked what I was doing.  Ever.  Makes me wonder why.

Elf 12-21-15 Collage

Day 21 – Sparkles playing the piano

Elf 12-22-15 Collage

Day 22 – Sparkles’ Hideout

Day 22 Note:  This was neat.  I LOVED doing this.  Took me 45 minutes to build this house.  Daddy kept Keri busy and I built away!  Loved making!

Elf 12-23-15

Day 23 – Sparkles hanging her clothes out.

Day 23 Note:  The original idea here was to make it appear that Sparkles was doing her laundry.  I stayed up too late, couldnt get the setup how I wanted, so just ended up with this – a clothesline of the clothes for Sparkles.  Oh-well.  Maybe next year I can do the washer / clothesline idea!

Elf 12-24-15

Day 24 – Sparkles’ departing gift.. a Family Tree!

Day 24 – Goodbye Sparkles!  I found this Family Tree online, and just had to do it!!  Took a while, but it turned out soooo neat!  Love LOVE this goodbye gift for Keri!  (Especially since this is probably the last year she will believe.. if she hasn’t figured it out yet, ha!)

And that was the adventures of Sparkles for Christmas 2015!!  Hope you enjoyed it – I obviously did.

Just a note of how I put this together.  I had time in the early Fall from school to put together a few things.  I made a calendar of all the elf ideas I could find for 2015.  I wrote them all down on a calendar.  For Black Friday, part of my shopping included buying the items needed for the days.  I made several things a head of time, including the balloon, that week of Thanksgiving.  The only day that I changed was the slippers day – The elf was originally just going to hang from a stocking, but I found these slippers at Black Friday and changed that day.  All other days, I KEPT! I did not have any school at all the month of December.  And although I worked quite a bit the first 2 weeks – It was the prepping, the planning, and the calendar that made this work.  I was on my A-game with this elf this year, and so proud of everything!  And Keri loved the creativity behind the elf this year.  It was neat 🙂


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