Teacher Treats 2015

I didn’t get to make something special for the teachers last year (2014).  I was signed up to make and bring them something, but I became overwhelmed with school and had to cancel.  I felt horrible!  I LOVE doing teacher treats, but I strive to do my best.

This year, I wanted to do a white / red theme.  I planned this out in early November when I had some down time with school. I found the recipes, printed them out, and made a list of what I needed.  There were 5 recipes total.

Sounds yummy, right?!  Except there was a problem.  Early September, I received a brochure for a Psychopharmacology continuing education class.  I jumped on this!  Learning about medications is so very important for my line of work.. especially since I will be a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner by next Christmas!  So I signed up for it without even thinking twice about the date.  Problem was.. the date was the exact same day I was suppose to bring Teacher Treats!  OOPS!

So I was at this class from 8am – 4pm. It was boring.  Prior to going, I started the cranberries and placed in the frig.  While at class, I decided last minute to change the scones to white chocolate cranberry muffins.  Texted husband to get me a couple ingredients, and I came home and starting working on things! I had my daughter finish the cranberries, and they turned out beautifully!  Keri wasn’t sure about the taste.  She said they were tart at first.. but she kept on eating them!  They were okay – tart, not as sweet as I like.

Teacher Treats 2015 (2)

Next, I moved on to the cookies.  They were delightful!  When I picked up Keri from school, a few teachers mentioned how yummy they were.  It was my first time making them, and sure enough, they really were delicious!

Teacher Treats 2015 (1)

Then I made cut up the strawberries and made the cream cheese fruit dip.  The fruit dip was very delicious!  A couple teachers asked me where I bought it at.. when I said it was homemade, they were surprised – it was that good!  Yummy!

Teacher Treats 2015 (3)

Now, I moved on to the mini cheesecakes.  This was a disaster.  Richard took Keri to swim class tonight, and I started on these.  First time ever making it.  And, they did not turn out.  They were a lot of work, took about an hour, and made 48 mini cheesecakes.  They looked beautiful when I put them in the oven.. came out beautiful.. and immediately sunk.  Yep.  Sunken cheesecakes.  Turns out, I over mixed the mixture.  Oops.  Too much air got into them and made them sink.  Could not serve these things!  No picture – they looked horrible.

Well, I was very discouraged by this.. and did not make the muffins either.  Just was getting late, I had been cooking all afternoon since I got home, and decided what I had was enough.  I made some little placecards (as you can see), and said that will do!  It was delightful and just as I wanted it – and plenty 🙂

Teacher Treats 2015 (4)

Loved doing Teacher Treats this year!


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