Christmas 2015 Advent

I love being creative.  This semester at school was a light one.  I finished my 100% online class within the first week of the semester (BOOM!) – And so I really only had one class to focus on.  Lots of down time in that class.  Still hard, still lots of busy work, but with only one class.. I had lots of free time compared to other semesters!  Yay for getting stuff done early!

So I knew I wanted a really creative Advent calendar.  I have done books in the past, and that was really neat.  I started to scour the Internet (Google and Pinterest) looking for ideas for the perfect Advent.  I found it.  It was a post from 2012, the Mini Tree Advent Calendar – and I fell in love with it.  I HAD to do it!  Definitely visit that blog for professional-like pictures.  Below is my interpretation of this (and less professional-like pictures.. but still pretty neat!)

Advent Calendar 2015 (2)

Yes!  I loved it!  I bought the boxes and little trees off Amazon.  My daughter helped me hot glue the little trees onto the boxes.  The tags I got from the blog linked above, and I simply cut those out and stuck them in the trees (didnt glue those).

Advent Calendar 2015 (5)

Sooo cute!  And I had to get a little red car.  I knew CVS Pharmacy had a section of red cars.  I wanted the old, classic, red car that is often seen in TV ads and such.  But, my daughter said it was ugly.  Of course she did.  So we ended up getting a Prius.  Yep.  Why?  Because I have a Volt and all about the electric cars.. so a Prius seemed fitting.  Sort of.

Advent Calendar 2015 (3)

You may be asking.. what did I put in the boxes?   This was the fun part.  I do not believe in a lot of candy.  Sure, some candy is fine, but even the child expecting an itty-bitty tiny piece of chocolate EVERY SINGLE DAY bothered me!  Have a treat every now and then.. not every day!  So, I went to the most wonderful candy store in San Antonio and bought some candy, and put it in individual bags.  The rest of the items were found at various places including The Container Store, World Market, Bath & Body Works,  Michaels, and Hobby Lobby.  They were randomized in the boxes.  The only one that was not randomized was the silly putty (from Toy Werks) that included 5 $2 bills in the box – This one was last for December 24th.  (Money not shown)

Advent Calendar 2015 (1)

My daughter loved doing this!  She looked forward to seeing what craft, candy, or toy she would get every morning!  It was so much fun doing this Advent calendar and I’m thankful for other sharing their wonderful ideas on Pinterest!

Advent Calendar 2015 (8)

We will definitely be doing this next year.  I’m one box short now.. as the dog got a hold of a box, but I will probably order another batch of boxes because it is bound to happen again!  After Keri opened the box for the day, she would simply put the flag inside the box.  So at the end of December, only a few flags would be shown.  It made it so neat to look at!


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