Keri’s first day of 3rd grade

School is here!  I say that as a negative and positive thing.. negative in the way that we have had a wonderful summer together!  We have gone to Sea World, swimming, playdates, sleep overs, and spent lots of time together – it has been wonderful!  So, boo to school.  But, positive in the way that Keri gets to see her school friends that she hasnt seen all summer (she is very excited to see them!!), and also I get to start making Bento lunches again, YES!  This year will be different, however.  First, I now work PRN.  So, I work roughly 8 shift per month (minimum of 8, but I can work more and have worked more when needed).  This is because working full time was too difficult to do with school!  I am still in graduate school too – but no matter, I can handle my schedule a lot more easily now.. a lot less stressful compared to the beginning of this year!  Anyways, back to the bento lunches.  Keri put a few stipulations on the bento lunches.  First, she said absolutely no cookie cutters other than a cat, dog, or bird.  Awesome.  Not. But okay, I’ll respect that.. maybe.  I asked her about an Apple Lunch, she said no.. but.. it was too cute.. so.. I did it anyways.. and she was kinda sorta upset the first morning of school (oops).  I didnt mention this, btw, she is in 3rd grade – ACK!  This will be the 4th year I’ll be doing bento lunches for her 🙂  I’ll switch in between the Yubo and Planet Box, just fyi.

So, the first lunch was an apple lunch on 08/25/14.  It was a big apple sandwich with mini apple sandwiches, homemade caramel dipping sauce for her freshly cut apples (dunked in apple juice to prevent browning), apple balls (prepackaged, didnt make those), and homemade apple shaped cinnamon honey graham crackers.



Here is a picture of Keri with her Bento lunch:

photo 4

Okay.. and because I have to (cant resist), here are two pictures of Keri’s first day back to school.. Third Grade!

photo 2

photo 5

And.. of course the puppy.  Oh.. the puppy.  This was a picture of Keri and Kali (puppy) before Kali got a haircut.

photo 3

Back to the Bentos!  This is Tuesday, 08/26/14’s lunch: A bird lunch!  Nothing too special here – birdy sandwiches, berry mix for the fruit, mini bird homemade graham crackers, yogurt, and circle cheese.



Next, Wednesday, 08/27/14 lunch:  Beef bites.  These were suppose to be made with pork or sausage or turkey.. I got the wrong thing.. oops.  So, I’m calling them crescent beef bites b/c I used ground beef and cream cheese.  Keri loved them!  In all fairness, there was suppose to be homemade potato chips there too.. but I forgot the potato.  Oops.  So, instead, pringles (which.. she didnt eat, I might add).  Then some crackers and cheese, and berries.



This last lunch, Thursday, 08/28/14 is my pride and joy lunch.. Homemade Spaghettios!  They are healthy, actually!  I made a big pot of them, and it was enough for today’s lunch plus 4 to freeze.. YES!  Jackpot, b/c Keri LOVED them!  I was so happy.. they have purred carrots in them.. ssssshhh – dont tell my daughter that 🙂  The spaghettios and turkey meatballs were 100% homemade.  I had to buy the noodles off Amazon, b/c I didnt know where there were any European stores near me, so probably spent too much on the noodles than necessary, but that is okay, it was worth it!  The turkey meatballs – I used the recipe linked up above, but used flax seed in replace of the egg.  They worked out beautifully!  I made mini turkey meatballs, and Keri said she loved the meatballs in particular – so yay!

turkey meatballs

homemade spaghettios

And here is her lunch that day:  Homemade spaghettios with turkey meatballs, mixed fruit, cheese pretzels and yogurt.  Huge hit!  And, I have four more in the freezer.. ready to go 🙂  Yay!



Week one.. done.  So, what you can expect this year as far as Bentos go.  Well, I’ve been “forbidden” to do cute kind of lunches.  I’ll try to squeeze some in there every now and then when I think Keri is okay with it (i.e. wont get that mad at me.. ha!) – but she loves the hot lunches.  So, I plan on making a whole bunch of new bento recipes to try out for her.  I’ve already pinned several recipes regarding soups, and different things I can freeze – make a big pot of it.. and boom, several lunches!  So, look for those.  I’m so happy she has access to use a microwave.. dont know what I’d do without it!  But, that is the first week in a wrap for Keri’s bento lunches – welcome to Third Grade Keri.. so proud of you!!


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