2nd Grade Bento Lunches

Oh-My!  I’m so behind!  Short pathetic back story.. then I’ll get to the good stuff!

So, bento lunches for my daughter’s second year of Montessori – 2013-2014.  A couple things changed that year.  First, I switched regularly between the plant box and the yubo lunch boxes.  I enjoyed the variety!  Second, after Christmas, Keri politely asked me to stop making her lunches so “cute” – she wanted plain / normal lunches.  Ha.  She refused to let me use any cookie cutters – so all the sandwiches are incredibly boring!  She also wanted more hot lunches rather than cold lunches.  So.. okay.  A few changes had to be made along the school year.  But, I passed my NCLEX (nursing board exam) in September, and became a psychiatric nurse in October 2013.  By law, I had to work full time for the first six months.  So, from October 2013 – April 2014, I worked full time on the weekends – man, it was hard!  I thought it was perfect at first.. I work 16 hours on Saturday (7am – 11:00pm) and do it all over again on Sunday.  Physically, I worked 32 hours, but got paid for 40 (called the Baylor shift).  It drained me!  I was completely exhausted and drained by Monday, so Monday lunches were often very boring because I hadnt been to the grocery store all weekend due to working, and I was exhausted!  And on Friday’s, Keri eats pizza – so no bento lunches on Fridays.  And, to top it off, I started graduate school in January – so from January 2014 to April 2014, I was working full time AND going to graduate school part time (2 classes) – Ouch!  Those few months in particular were the hardest, by far.  Then.. school was kinda over!

Okay – there was the backstory.  So, this post is just going to show case the best bento lunches I made throughout Keri’s 2nd grade school year.  Enjoy!

This first lunch is from 09/11/13 – puppy dog lunch.  I took biscuits, cut the dough into shapes of dogs, used black beans for the eyes and nose, and inserted a hot dog as the mouth.  There are also cut out cheese bones, and homemade potato chips in here as well.  For the fruit, it is peaches and grapes.  I loved how cute this lunch was!




This next lunch is from 09/17/2013.  The sandwich may seem plain, bu I love the colors here and the little details – from the chicks, the hearts, carrot chips, and the homemade strawberry oatmeal bars.



The next three pictures are in the month of October.. Halloween!  I was pretty creative this month – I wasnt at school yet, and was able to concentrate more in cuteness.  I love a lot of Halloween ones, but these three are my favorites.

First one is on 10/01/2013 – The first Halloween lunch of the year!  (Btw – Halloween is my favorite holiday, which is why I go so all for Halloween bentos!)  This is the Frankenstein lunch.  They are actually square chicken tacos (so.. take a tortilla, put in chicken and cheese, shape it in a square and hold it with a toothpick.. and tell the child there is a tooth pick in there and not to eat the toothpick!) – love this lunch!  (The green circles are cut up cucumbers and green yogurt).



The next Halloween lunch is from 10/02/13.  This is the ghost lunch!  I have a thing for ghosts – I love them!  I actually did a few ghost lunches, but this is one of the originals, and Keri’s favorite.  It is a ghost cheese quesadilla, homemade ghost sugar / cinnamon chips with fruit salsa in the circle, ghost cheese sticks, ghost marshmallow, and ghost yogurt.  Love ghosts!



The last Halloween lunch I’ll show you was from Halloween itself, 10/31/2013.  Yippie!  Tried to make this one fun and to emulate trick or treating – the fruit is suppose to be “candy” – get it?  Loved this lunch!



Moving on.. to Christmas!  Have two bentos to show you from Christmas.. and I’ll stop there, b/c as I said, from January to April, the bentos are quite boring due to the issues listed up above (sorry!!).  This one is from 12/02/13.  Love the white and red colors!  And, I adore the mini little circle sandwich bites – I think they are so cute cut up this way.



The last lunch is from 12/09/13. This is the Christmas tree lunch.  I wanted the pirates booty to be like snow – then you got the mini Christmas tree sandwiches, and the veggie straws as grass.  Then of course the cute little fruit in red / green colors.



Check out the rest of the bento lunches on my Pinterest board:  Bento lunches for Keri


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