Mmmmm.. FUDGE!  I had a Christmas party for a few friends of mine with a special guest (SANTA!) coming, and I wanted to do something special for them.  Normally, cupcakes are my specialty, but I just wanted to do something different.  So, I made 12 different kinds of fudge.  Yep, you heard that right.. 12.  (12 days of Christmas.. 12 types of fudge.. get it?  No?  They were all delicious!)

1.  Chocolate Fudge – This is my fool proof chocolate fudge recipe that I use every single year from Eagle Brand.  It is the best chocolate fudge, hands down!  I make it with Hershey chocolate chips, and it is so delicious!

fudge - chocolate

2.  Cookie Dough Fudge – This recipe took me a while to find.  I wanted to find an eggless cookie dough fudge recipe that my daughter could have.  Was so happy to find this one!  It tasted like cookie dough too.  It was a little difficult to make, but Keri liked it!

fudge - cookie dough

3.  Peanut Butter Fudge – This fudge was my favorite out of all 12.. it was so delicious!!  Initially, I wanted to make White Chocolate Reeses Fudge, but I searched everywhere and couldnt find any white chocolate peanut butter cups!  So.. searched for a new recipe, found this one, and so glad I did.  Only change I made was using Reeses peanut butter instead of Jif.  This was seriously some of the best fudge I’ve ever had – Try this recipe!

fudge - peanut butter

4.  Strawberry Fudge – This is an extremely simply recipe!  It was good, but it was very frosting-y.  Yes, I know that strawberry frosting is the main ingredient in this fudge.. obviously.. but still, it was a little over the top to me – I still ate it, dont get me wrong, I love the taste of frosting, but it wasnt really fudge fudge.. it just tasted like hardened strawberry frosting!

fudge - strawberry

5.  Butterscotch Fudge – If you like butterscotch.. you will really like this fudge!  This fudge is rich – it has a very rich butterscotch flavor to it.  It was a little overpowering for me, but good nevertheless.

fudge - butterscotch

6.  Chocolate Mint Fudge – This fudge was a huge hit.  I changed it slightly.. didnt do 3 layers (b/c this fudge is a lot of work to actually make), only did two layers.  I did the bottom layer of chocolate, the top layer of mint.  It was very good!

fudge - chocolate mint

7.  Cookies And Cream Fudge – My daughter loved this fudge!  It was her favorite.  And, it really did taste like cookies and cream!

fudge - cookies and cream

8.  Egg Nog Fudge – We really like egg nog in this house!  Well, we dont drink it all the time, but on Christmas and special occasions.  Lets just say I really like egg nog on occasion – non-alcoholic though!  So, I really wanted to make egg nog fudge.  The recipe just intrigued me.  This fudge is rich.  You can definitely taste the egg nog in this fudge!  My husband, who is also an egg nog fan, didnt really care for this fudge – he said there was something “off” with it.  Yeah, I can see what he means.  You are use to drinking egg nog.. not eating it.  Still pretty good fudge though, if you like egg nog!

fudge - eggnog

9.  Vanilla Bean Fudge – This was another fudge that was good.. but just a little “off” tasting wise.  It wasnt that huge of a hit with my guests either – they all liked it.. but I think with the huge variety of fudge, it just wasnt one they were navigating towards!

fudge - vanilla bean

10.  Chocolate Salted Caramel Fudge – My husband really enjoyed this one.  Me?  I thought it was just okay.  It was very easy to make – one of the easiest out of the 12, but I think of caramel of having that gooey texture – this is fudge, obviously.  So, just didnt set well with me!

fudge - caramel

11.  Buttercream Fudge – This fudge is delicious!  I have made it for a few years now, and love it.  It uses frosting as well, but it is very, very good!  The only thing I do differently is use vanilla instead of the butter extract.  Very good fudge!

fudge - buttercream

12.  Peppermint Fudge – Mmmm!  Peppermint!  Loved this fudge – it was very delicious!  Just note that this fudge will only keep for a day or so until the peppermints start to “melt”.  Very delicious fudge!!

fudge - peppermint

Now – I had 12 different kinds of fudge.  I had to organize them in some way!  But.. how?  Well, I tried very, very hard to have a variety of fudge that my daughter could sample.  There were only 3 out of the 12 that she could not have:  peanut butter, eggnog and vanilla bean.  So, I put all three of these on the same plate – also notice how the cards also have a little green brad instead of red.  Keri was told that these three she could not have – but the ones with the red brad, she could have.

fudge - spread 1

Spread 2 consists of peppermint, cookies and cream and salted caramel.  As mentioned, the cookies and cream fudge was a hit with the kids!

fudge - spread 2

Spread 3 was the basics – this was honestly my favorite fudge (in addition to the peanut butter!!).  Had to combine the best fudge all on one plate!!  Below is Chocolate, Strawberry and Buttercream fudge.

fudge - spread 3

Spread 4, the last spread consists of cookie dough, chocolate mint and butterscotch fudge.

fudge - spread 4

Notice the little cards that I made for each fudge?  Thought they were cute too 🙂  Love doing this sort of stuff!  You can compare all my pictures to the pictures of the actual recipes all in one spot on my Pinterest Board:  Fudge.  Probably wont make any fudge until next Christmas.. so, until then, enjoy all the delicious recipes wrapped up in one post!

Since this party was all about a Christmas Party.. and Santa.. I think it is appropriate to include a picture of my beautiful little girl with Santa himself!  And yeah.. she eventually came around after seeing all her friends and talked with Santa for a bit 🙂  Was able to get some amazing pictures of Keri and Santa together!



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