Keri’s first day of 2nd grade

It’s here!  Boo?  My school just ended, and now my little girl has to go back to school?!  Why?!  Life I suppose, but still!  I only got a week with her in between me being done with school and Keri going back – not enough time!  So, I tried to get everything done to make her first week back a special one, but it was so hard to cram everything in!  We had my pinning ceremony on the 24th (Sat), and that took pretty much the entire day.  Daddy went out of town Saturday afternoon, so on Sunday we had to go to the grocery store, get the car washed, laundry (never ending pile!) – and it was a lot of work!  So, I ran out of time to make muffins Sunday evening, but I wanted my little girl to have her favorite banana (eggless) muffins.  I prepped the ingredients after she went to bed Sunday evening, and woke up early this morning to make them.  Here she is enjoying her muffin!



Before I get to her school pictures.. BENTO!  Okay, this was a slight disaster.  First, I didnt have a menu.  Great.  Second, I wanted to do an Apple Lunch.  Keri said no.  She begged me not to do an apple lunch.  Great again.  She wants me tame back the bentos – she is in 2nd grade now, and I suppose, maybe, she has outgrown (maybe, a little?) bento lunches.. meh.  We’ll see 😉  So, I decided to do cheese quesadillas and homemade baked sweet potato fries.  Except I burned the fries.  Awesome.  Not.  So, the lunch is not what I wanted it to be.. but here it is (nothing special, really!):



Okay, back to Keri.  I took her outside and took a few pictures of her.. my big little girl!


She was hiding her lunch box in that picture.  But, I wanted one with her lunch box!!  (Notice I switched back to Planetbox this year.  I may use the Yubo every now and then though!)


And.. one more.  After I had taken several pictures (like 50, ha!) – this one is just Keri saying “STOP WITH THE PICTURES MOM!” – And.. I stopped.  So proud of my little second grader!



Hope Keri will have an amazing 2nd year at the Montessori school, and I’m sure she will!!




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