Nursing School Graduation

It’s official!  I’m a B.S.N.!  YES!  I have graduated Nursing School.. I’m done!!!  But that’s not it.. I have more good news.. X 2.  First, I have a job offer at a psych hospital working with adolescent girls.  Perfect!  It puts on a lot of pressure to pass that NCLEX first time and as soon as possible.  No worries, (or.. minimal worries), I decided to take the HURST Review to get down and dirty with studying for this thing.

And what is the second piece of good news you might ask?  I’ve been accepted to graduate school!!  DOUBLE YES!!  I will be starting January 2014, and will be in the psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner program.  My life is so amazing right now 🙂

Back to the graduation ceremony!!  We were accelerated, so we did not get a traditional ceremony – because we are accelerated (story of our lives.. we didnt get to do a lot of things – because were accelerated, boo!)  So, we had a pinning ceremony.  I asked Keri if she would pin me, as it would mean the world to me, and she agreed!  She was very nervous when we arrived though, and didnt want to do it when she found out she would be sitting alone.  However, she was very very brave, and I am so proud of her!!

So here is how it when.  Keri sat, all alone (daddy and Grandpa were about 10 rows behind her) on the pinner side.  I sat on the other side.  I was the 3rd one in line.  I got up on stage, and the moment they called my name, BOOM – tears.  Yep.  I was the only graduate with tears – emotional sap I am, I mean.. REALLY?!  I couldnt even hold it together to walk across the stage to get pinned by my daughter!?  So yep, I was in tears by the time I met with my daughter.  She put in the cord around me (it had the pin attached) and I gave her a giant hug.  The audience (a reaction I was totally not expecting) just said “Awwwww” – Made her feel embarrassed, and me just emotional!  Then after we posed for a teary eyed picture for the photographer, Keri started to walk back across the stage, and got mixed up of where she was suppose to go – and the audience gave a cute laughter.  More embarrassment for her!  It was just so beyond cute, meant the world to me, and made me one proud mommy.  I think I was more emotional about her pinning me than anything – this was a huge step for her!  She has this fear of getting in front of people, and she did it!  Beyond proud!!

Pictures!  YES!  Okay.  Few pictures to share with you 🙂  I’m working on getting the ones from the professional photographer – so will update this post if I do buy those (we’ll see exactly how teary eyed I am when he took those.. ha!) – but here are the ones after the ceremony.

This first one is Keri putting the cord on me.. again.. outside.  Why?  Because inside, I swear to you I was an emotional wreck!!  Have I mentioned how proud I am of my little girl?!??   (Okay, to prove what an emotional sap I am – I am getting teary eyed just typing this!!  One proud momma who loves this little girl so much!!)



Picture of me and my step-dad.  I wanted this picture for two reason.  First, I have very few pictures of me and him!  Second, I wanted a picture of the two of us for my mom since she couldnt make the ceremony – I thought she would like a picture of both her husband and daughter together!


Next.. my beautiful family 🙂  You can see the cord / pin here good too:



Lastly.. my favorite picture of all – my new Facebook profile picture, at least for a while 🙂  Me and my little girl.  This was a beyond awesome day, and loved every moment of today!



Next stop.. passing the NCLEX, working as a psych nurse, then attending grad school in January!  Yay!!



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