M&M Chocolate Marshmallow Cupcakes

Today was dinner at a friend’s house!  We went over for some fun, swimming, dinner.. and of course, CUPCAKES!  I wanted something fun for the kids, semi-new, and delicious.  So, I settled on a recipe I found on Pinterest, but changed it up just a bit.

Here is the original pin:  M&M Cupcakes.  Lets get to the changes that I made though!

Cupcakes:  The recipe used on the website was the Hershey cupcakes (located on the back of the Hershey cocoa box).  Pretty simple recipe, and makes decent chocolate cupcakes!

Eggless Cake:  Keri needed a cupcake too!  So, I made the Hershey cupcakes with eggs for everyone, and Crazy Cake (a vegan cake from Allrecipes) for Keri.

Ganache:  The original recipe states the ganache as just being melted bittersweet chocolate.  Boring!  I used the same ganache I used for the Black Cherry Cupcakes – it was a delicious ganache!

Frosting:  Followed recipe exactly.  However, for Keri’s frosting, I used Chocolate Frosting from Allrecipes.  And since there was so much chocolate frosting.. I decided to fill these cupcakes too!

On to the baking!  (I’m only showing pictures of the cupcakes that have eggs in it – You’ll see Keri’s final eggless cupcake at the end).  Here were the delicious looking cupcakes out of the oven cooling:



Next, the filling!  I used the chocolate frosting, the icing pipe tip, and just piped icing into the cupcakes.  Can you say yummy?!



Next.. the marshmallow frosting!!  NOTE:  If you are new to making marshmallow frosting, I will give you a tip.  You need a stand alone mixer!  I think you could technically make this frosting with a hand mixer.. but the one time I tried, I was whipping it for 30 minutes.. and still failed.  You really do need a stand alone mixer!  Marshmallow frosting is so easy to make once you have a stand alone mixer, and so delicious!  (My favorite part of the cupcake was the frosting!!)


Next, take the cupcake and dip it into the ganache, then pipe a little bit more frosting on top of the ganache.  (Make sure you refrigerate in between to hardened the ganache!)  And the final product looks like this:



How delicious do those look!?  YUMMY!  And they were, of course!  All very simple recipes that I have made before, but combining them all together just makes them even more amazing!  And as promised, here is a picture of Keri’s – just slightly different (Eggless, of course!)


Keri loved her cupcake too.   And I admit, it was hard to let Keri have her pure chocolate cupcake.. I mean, it was like triple chocolate!  Chocolate cake, chocolate frosting filling, chocolate frosting dipped in chocolate ganache and more chocolate frosting!  So much chocolate!

Changes:  As always, I learn from my cupcakes.  There are two changes I would make – so if you ever make these.. make these changes!  First, be generous on the chocolate frosting filling!  Don’t be afraid to put more in there!!  Second, there wasnt enough marshmallow frosting for all the cupcakes.. even when I took two away for Keri!  (only frosted 22 cupcakes with the marshmallow frosting to provide room in the container for the 2 I made Keri).  I would definitely double the marshmallow frosting – It is lacking for sure!

Last picture.. Keri and her cupcake.  Enjoy!!





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