Pizza & Pool Party

Yesterday we had a pizza and pool party at my mom’s house.  It was so much fun!  We invited a few friends over, went swimming, had pizza.. and best of all, CUPCAKES!  Well, okay, the best part about this event was having friends over.  It was an awesome day 🙂

I had to keep this event pretty small due to the size of my mom’s pool, but I think we had the perfect size group.  Only one friend wasnt able to make it due to an illness, but everyone else showed up!  We started at 10:00am, and the last guest left at about 4:00pm.  Wow!  You were actually in the pool for 6 hours!!!  (9:15ish to 3:15ish!)  Amazing!

Everyone swam for a bit, then.. pizza time!

Kids eating - pool party - 07-19-13

We set you guys down on the lower deck b/c of of the wasps.  Those wasps..!!  I think I was the most terrified by them since I was stung by a little one last weekend, but man.. these big ones creep me out!  I didnt see any small ones actually, just the really big ones.. wow. 

And some pictures of you and your friends.  This is of you, Hailey & Blake.  You just love Hailey!

Keri, Hailey & Blake - pool party - 07-19-13

And this is when peer pressure.. well.. WORKS!  We have been swimming at grandma’s pool for a very long time now – all summer!  We go over at least once a week to swim, and this week alone, we have been over 3 times!  I cant get you to jump off the side of the pool – you wont do it.  But, when Hailey and Alli do it.. you jump 🙂  I got video of this, but took a picture of you three girls before one your jumps into the deep end.  I’m so happy you are a good little swimmer!

Keri, Hailey & Alli - pool party - 07-19-13

And of course before everyone went, I had to get a group shot!  Love the group shots of you and your friends.. just something to always remember your friends by as well as your ages.  You guys are getting so big!

Keri & friends picture - pool party - 07-19-13

But, the highlight of the day was Becca’s new underwater camera.  It was amazing!  I have two pictures to share.. first one is of you and your friends – sooo cool!

Keri & friends underwater - pool party - 07-19-13

And lets see.. here in this picture you have Ava, you, Hailey and Alli.  But, the best pictures of the day were the individual pictures that were taken of several of you!  Carmen took this picture of you and I am so in love with it:

Keri underwater 07-19-13

Just amazing!  Love get togethers like this.  It was so much fun!


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