Kitty Cat Birthday Party: Food Table

My pride and joy.. my little girl.. and the food 🙂  I LOVE baking!  I did a lot of baking for Keri’s birthday party.  In fact, I spent from 7:00am – 9:00pm on Saturday (day before her party) baking!  Loved every moment of it.  Here is a wide view of the food table.. then I’ll break down what exactly is on it! IMG_2326 Well, that shows everything but what is on the right of the table.. the most prized food items, in my opinion.  But, it does show the strawberries and fruit dip there.  This was something that was unexpected to make.  I did not, and was not, planning to make this or include it (it is RED!  Not pink / purple!  Yes, I’m that weird) – but my husband requested that fruit dip.  I am so glad that I made that fruit dip because it was the most complemented item on that table!  And, here is the recipe if you want it:  Cream Cheese Fruit Dip. The next complimented item was the homemade kitty marshmallows.  I used this recipe:  Homemade Marshmallows – and cut the marshmallows using a little kitty cat cookie cutter.  Everyone loved them! IMG_2318 Notice the little food cards?  They are so cute!!  Love those little cards.  Next, I made homemade cat graham crackers.  A lot of them.  They are delicious!  Recipe:  Graham Crackers. IMG_2319 To keep with the health items.. I made homemade chocolate chip & marshmallow granola bars.  I was so happy these were a huge hit!  Recipe:  Granola Bars (I used mini chocolate chips and those itty bitty marshmallows like you put in hot chocolate instead of raisins). IMG_2317 Next, candied popcorn!  This recipe I made just a couple hours before the party.  It was easy to make, and I thought it tasted good, but it wasn’t exactly a big hit at the party for some reason.  I’m not sure if this because it was sticky or chewy, or not sure.  But, still looked cute!  I got the little purple popcorn boxes from Oriental Trading.  Recipe: Candied Popcorn IMG_2323 More semi-healthy food.. that of course, match the color scheme, is yogurt covered pretzels.  These are available at a store right down the street from me, and the kids always seem to like these! IMG_2244 Next, chocolate kitties!  Well, not exactly chocolate, but they are the vanilla candy melts – I just bought pink and purple.. and a kitten mold, and made my own!  Of course the kids devoured these: IMG_2247 Lastly, fruit.  (Not exactly lastly, you can see all the cakes here:  Kitty Cat Birthday:  Cakes).  I had my step son and his girlfriend cut the watermelon into thin slices and with the kitty cat mini cookie cutter and a mini flower cookie cutter cut a bunch of shapes out.  So, we had strawberries, fruit dip, watermelon and grapes! IMG_2314 The food table was quite pretty – I really liked this one!  But now you have the drinks.  I did not make the labels on the bottled water – A seller from Etsy made them for me.  They were definitely complimented, and many thought that I made them myself since I made the zhu zhu ones last year!  But, I didnt have time to make it this year, so had to buy them.  Think they are cute! IMG_2325 Lastly.. kitty milk!!  Now, this picture doesnt show the milk in the bottles, but that is on purpose.  I did not fill the bottles up with milk until right before I gave the drinks to the kids.  But, Keri’s favorite drink is milk (by a landslide!) and kitties drink milk.. hence, milk instead of juice boxes!  I tied on a ribbon to the bottle and added those paper straws that you can buy from Etsy.  Very very cute set up – love it! IMG_2333 And just a silly picture of me and my birthday girl.. I was trying so hard to get a picture of me and her – and she was just soooo excited!  This picture is a cute one – and shows us in front of the food table!


All that is to talk about now are the cakes!  Kitty Cat Birthday Party:  Cakes


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