Kitty Cat Birthday: Party Favors

I asked Keri what she wanted to give away for party favors.. and of course, her answer was kitty cats!  I found some adorable cats on Oriental Trading and made some kitty paw print chocolate lollipops for party favors.  They are simple, and adorable!  Check out the little kitty cats:


And the lollipops:


Kitties and lollipops together – Love this little setup!


And look how cute!  These are the one that Keri chose – the little light brown kitty and pink lollipop.


Think the kids loved them, and Keri had so many leftover kitties!  She now sleeps with all of them, it is very cute.  And of course I did not get a picture of Keri with her party favors.. slacker!  So, I’ll end with a picture of Keri in bed, cuddling up with all her kitties.. so cute!

Keri birthday kitties

Once again.. Happy Birthday to my little girl!!


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