Kitty Cat Birthday Party: Decorations

It’s a kitty cat birthday for my little 7 year old!  She requested a kitty cat themed party with the primary colors being pink and purple.  So, let’s start with the invitation (of course the personal information is blacked out, but adorable invitation!).  This invitation was not made by me, but from an Etsy seller Lollipop Prints.  It is adorable!

Kitty Birthday Keri

That part was easy.. but what about the decorations?   I had to use a lot of decorations from last year, but did make some pink / purple triangle banners as well as a happy birthday Keri banner.  This is the food table:


More about what was on the dessert table in this post:  Kitty Cat Birthday Party:  Food Table.  But, here are some other views of the table – Love how pretty it is!!


Note the backdrop?  A friend made that backdrop for a baby shower I had for a dear friend last year (the Owl Themed baby shower) – and I’m reusing it for Keri’s birthday party!  It is being held by a PVC pipe stand that my husband built for me.  It is amazing!  Love that backdrop and what my husband built to hold up my backdrops for my food / dessert tables!

And the island – it has to have decorations too!  Notice the ribbon balls??  Yep, they are from last year!  All I did (while at school in right before clinicals), was switch out the bright blue and bright orange ribbons to pink and purple… just to match the theme a little bit better!


Now, what I did not take pictures of were the signs, but, you’ve seen those before.  They are the same signs I used last year except the zhu zhu is changed over to a kitty.  Nothing too exciting, so will spare you that.

But, lets get on to something more exciting, shall we?!  The food table!!

Kitty Cat Birthday Party:  Food Table


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