Mother’s Day

Mothers Day was last weekend, May 12th, and it was awesome!  Love being a mother to my little girl.  She was too excited to wait and of course last week told me all about the gift she made at school, but it was still so sweet!

She brought this flower pot  home last Friday.  She explained (at least 3 times) on how to water it:  feel down to the bulb, if it is dry, it needs water; if it is wet, it does not need water.  Love it!  Still no sprout, but we have been watering it and I hope to have a beautiful flower soon.  Love how she decorated it:


But wait!  She made more.  She made a beautiful MOM card.  This one is a little hard to see, but, it says “I Love You Mommy” – Awwww!



And the inside of the card:



How lucky am I?!  BUT WAIT!  More, of course 🙂  Later that day, Keri and I made something together.  I just wanted to spend some time doing something with her, and I asked her some questions about me (she knows me very well!!) – and she drew a picture and we put our handprints on there.  It was a lot of fun!



So pretty.  And my amazing husband bought me two things:  flowers and chocolate, YES!  They went to the chocolate factory, and picked out a “Nurse” chocolate kit.  I’ve seen that kit before, numerous times, and love it.  Keri gave it to me and I said “But.. I’m not a nurse yet!” and her response was “You are my nurse mommy!” – I love being this girl’s mommy!!  Didnt take a picture of the chocolate though.. ate it, Sorry.  But, the flowers!



They are daisies – my favorite.  They are so pretty!!  And, this picture is taken a week later – look how beautiful they still are.  The best thing about Mothers Day was by far spending it with my little girl.  I love her so much and feel blessed to have her as my daughter, I mean, how lucky did I get?!  So honored to be her mother!  Love you Keri!



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