Hubby’s Birthday

It’s my husband’s birthday!  Well, almost.  He will be in England for his actual birthday.. so.. celebrating early 🙂

I thought I would surprise him with his favorite.. peanut butter!!  This is a brand new recipe that I am doing.  And yes.. I’ll admit.  Had one earlier.. delicious!!!  Absolutely amazing recipe!

Recipe is from Bakerella, check it out:  Chocolate Peanut Butter Cupcakes  And then.. look at these beautiful cupcakes!



And look how pretty those flowers are!  Another post about those flowers.. 🙂  Probably should have taken out the Reese peanut butter jar.. but that’s okay.  Still some beautiful and yummy cupcakes!!

Cupcakes, done.  Now.. what about a present?  Well, I dont have a lot of money.  I wanted to get something special for him that would be practical.  I started to just google pilot gifts.. and it dawned on me.  He travels a lot for his work so bought some new suit cases.  But, despite traveling a lot, he uses the paper luggage tags from the air port.. I mean, really?!  So, I found a wonderful gift from the seller ThreeBoysWish from Etsy.  She worked with  me on the charm since my husband is a private pilot (in his free / spare time, that is) and put two airplane charms on it.. and it is amazing!  

keychain edit

Look how beautiful this gift is!!  I am really hoping he loves it.  I think he will.  

Gift, done.  Now.. a card!  He doesnt do sentimental cards very much.. and why make them for him?  He looks at them once.. and then who knows what happens to them.  BUT, if Keri makes one.. we keep it forever!  So, of course Keri made daddy a card – an airplane card.  Here is the final card, and inside (not picture), she wrote “Happy Birthday Daddy, I Love You” – and drew lots of pictures of cats, Ha!  Love it!  



Even though he will be in England for his birthday.. I sure hope he enjoys what we have done for him 🙂  We celebrate tomorrow, so Keri is excited to sing Happy Birthday to daddy!  And even though my husband will probably never read this.. Happy Birthday to the love of my life, my best friend.. my husband 🙂



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