Gardening 2013

Spring Break!!!  I did a little bit something different this year for Spring break.. start a fruit garden, of course!!  I am so very excited about this, but beyond starting a fruit garden, we also updated the flowers around the tree in the front yard, and did some basic yard work and stuff.. which is still a work in progress.  Disclaimer:  the fruit bushes were planted over Spring Break back in March.  Well, it is obviously May 5th right now.. which is when we planted our melon fruit garden.

But before I go into the melon garden details…

Fruit bushes!!!!  My favorite part.  We are huge fruit eaters and I have always wanted grape vines, blueberry bushes and blackberry bushes (and others.. but started with those). We bought 2 of each plants at the store and I planted them, not thinking much of them.  First, I had to clear out the raised areas, de-weed them, and replaced soil in them.  I (and Keri!) planted them and hoped for the best.

They are beautiful!!!!

These are my blueberry bushes:


Look at the little mini blueberries growing!


Next, blackberry bushes!


And.. the blackberries – we were so happy when they started to bloom – just made us so excited!


Lastly – my grape vine!  No grapes yet – these wont produce fruit until next year, but they are growing like a weed – so happy with the progress of them.  They are just looking beautiful out there!


So, we planted all three of those over Spring Break.  Fast forward to well, today.  Last year, hubby built a raised garden with the intention of growing some veggies.  Well, we are a little off season… and, got the wrong soil.  Oops.  We did 1/3 peet moss, 1/3 compost and 1/3 garden soil – mixed it all up and wet it down thoroughly with water.  Next, I had my husband build two trellis using wood and flexible wire string.  It was really easy to make and looks a little like this:


Next, my melon plants!  I planted 2 watermelon plants, 2 honeydews and 2 cantaloupes.  These are itty bitty plants right now, so they wont climb the trellis any time soon, but the idea is we train them to grow vertical.  Once melons start coming out – take some hose, make a hammock and cradle the melon so it doesnt put too much pressure on the vine / trellis and bend either of them.  You better believe once these little guys start producing melons, I’ll take pictures of them!

Hubby will be building another raised garden for veggies for the Fall – and we will plant actual veggies.  But for now, we have a total of 6 fruits growing in our back yard (wow!):  grapes, blueberries, blackberries, watermelon, cantaloupe and honeydew.  Awesome!

But WAIT!  I can’t forget about my little girl’s plant.  She had a field trip at Armosky’s Farm and brought home a tomato plant.  Well, this is not the season to be planting tomato plants.. nor was the soil correct for it (too acidic with the peet moss).  So, we took the red planter pot, put garden soil and garden food soil in it and planted it – there are already a few tomatoes on it, so hopefully this little tomato plant of Keri’s continues to grow – she is so excited to have it!


That’s it for our little garden areas right now.  Very excited about all the hard work I have done to get my fruit plants in the ground and absolutely cant wait until I get to harvest them.  The grapes are my favorite plant growing right now – next year, we should have grapes, YES!  Loving this garden thing!!



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