Valentine’s Day 2013

I’m behind!  The last post I posted was about the Elf On The Shelf.. and it isnt even complete.  Still working on that, promise.  Today’s post is playing catch up – celebrating Valentine’s Day!

Keri’s school doesnt celebrate Valentine’s Day – boo.  Still love the school 🙂  So, how does she get to enjoy the exchange of valentines?  This is something all children do!  Well, we do a little valentine’s day party through her playgroup – and she loves every bit of it.

I always do something special for the valentines.  The past 2 years, I have homemade valentines.  One year, I made chocolate hearts with a personalized valentine that had a picture of Keri and the friend the valentine was for.  Last year, I made valentines with little animals on it using my cricut.  This year.. I didnt have time.  I’m in nursing school!  But, there is a way to be cute.. just not homemade cute, but store cute.  Here is what I did.

In my craft box upstairs, I had these little hearts that I needed to use.  So, I took candy hearts and filled them up.  They looked a little like this:


I put a bow on them.. and secured the candy in the heart with a little band on them:


Next, I needed a little bag to put them in.  I found these adorable animal and heart bags at Target that was a perfect craft project for my daughter to assemble.  Here she is working on them.



Next, she had to personalize them!  She wrote every name of her friends on the back.  She is getting good with her writing!


Here is a picture of all the little animals together – sooo cute!



Couldnt have asked for a more cuter little project for my 6.5 year old to do!  She loved assembling these and they were the perfect age appropriate valentine day project for her.  Her friends at he party loved getting them too!  She chose the fox for her own:


But now we had to make a valentines day box to put all those valentines in!!  This is where a shoe box comes in.  Amazing how creative you can get with a shoe box!  I took a shoe box of Keri’s shoes and spray painted it pink (had to be pink, what other color?!). Next, I cute a rectangle in the lid and outlined the cute with ribbon (the cut wasnt straight, so the ribbon just hid the jagged edge of the cut).  I put jewels in each of the corners to conceal the edge of the ribbon.  I printed out her name with the cricut machine as well as a couple animals she wanted.  She wanted an orange kitty.  Why orange?  I have no clue.. had to be orange.  Okay then!  She also wanted two hearts on each side of the cat.  After all this.. it was now Keri’s turn to decorate it!



Here is the finished box.. ready for the party!



Party was a success!  Sort of.  Keri had soccer practice that afternoon, and I gave her the option of skipping out of soccer practice (where, I would actually come pick her up from school about 10 minutes early), and go directly to the party – she didnt want to!  She wanted to go to soccer!  I told her that we would be about 45 mins late to the party.. and her friends would only be sticking around for about another 45 mins – she was okay with that.. so, that is what we did.  The weather was brutal too!  It was soooo cold!!  It was an excellent turn out, and everyone stayed until we arrived to exchange the valentines, but they left shortly after.  It didnt bother Keri – she saw her best friend, Hailey, at the party and was thrilled to get her valentines!


Lovely little soccer outfit, eh?  Very valentine like.. not.  Tis okay – shows her personality I think.. 🙂  Here she is surrounded by all her valentines:



And.. when am I typing this up – May 4th, awesome.  Nursing school, BLAH – I need more time!!  Only reason why I am able to type this up now is because I have a week long break where I have the time to do so – thankfully!!  Trying to get all caught up.  Anyways, 3 months after the party, we still had valentines candy left over.  Pretty sure I just threw out that candy a couple days ago when I picked up my scrapbooking room too.

A couple days after the party.. it was valentines day!  Time for gifts!  I searched for the perfect valentines day gift to get Keri and came up with the following:  little pink elephant (which, Keri named “elfy”), owl craft, lots of stickers, chocolate covered oreo (which.. she didnt want / like, so I ended up eating it, ha!), chocolate from the chocolate factory and a cute puppy valentine necklace.  Here she is opening up the gifts:



Pretty smile 🙂


She was looking at the puppy on the bracelet here!


And.. all her gifts.  Ohh, and fake hair strips – you can see those in the picture too.  She never wore them, but they were still cute, had to get them.  She will wear them, eventually – she always does!

Well – that was valentine’s day for 2013!  A lot of fun.. and so much chocolate!!








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