First Week To School – Bento Lunches!

It’s been a while!  Sorry about that.. kinda been tied up with something called.. oh Nursing School? 🙂  But you dont want to know about that.. you want to know about how Keri’s first week of school went!  No?  Okay fine, bento lunches!!

First, you’ll notice a change in lunch box!  I’m still trying to get use to it.. I think I like it, but heavily missing the planet box right now (last year’s bento lunch box).  I still have it.. and still plan to use it from time to time, but right now, Keri is in love with her new bento box!  So, I’ll work with it.  She wanted a new lunch box, I wanted it to be Bento.. so, we came up with the Yubo lunch box ( – Cheaper than the Planetbox, so that was a plus, and still adorable!  The only drawback to this bento box is it doesnt keep things cold very long.. That ice pack is kinda worthless.  Thinking about changing the ice pack out to something more efficient for next week.. will have to play with it, see what fits!  But, the bento box is pretty neat and the changing face plates is another plus!  Plan on ordering Halloween and Christmas ones soon too 🙂  Oh, and one more note – I would not recommend this lunch box for kiddos in Kinder or younger.  It took Keri (who is 6 – in first grade) some practice to open up these containers!  Each container has a lid (unlike planetbox, where its a tray of sorts) – and they can be a little difficult to open, so fyi on that.

First day of school.. what to do, what to do.. Ah yes, how about a Hungry Caterpillar lunch?  I have been wanting to do this lunch all summer long.  We got this book a few months ago at Kohls (for their “Kohls Care” thing) – and I thought that would be an awesome lunch to do!  And, sure enough, others thought so too.  Google it.. it comes up!  So, I sent Keri off today with a Hungry Caterpillar Lunch!


Keri loved this lunch!  In fact, she didnt want to wake up and go to school this first day.. but when I told her about her lunch and she saw it.. it just brightened her day – love her smile!


Second day, an apple lunch.. with amazingly, no apples 🙂


Third day.. RAIN!  Can we please get some rain here in San Antonio?!  Was hoping it would rain.. we got sprinkles the other day, but I dont call that rain when it hits the ground and immediately evaporates (or sizzles, ha!) – So.. rain lunch 🙂


And for the record.. Every lunch that has had veggie straws in it, she leaves the veggie straws.  Why?!  She use to eat these things all the time and the mimic “grass” nicely!  Argh!  She’ll eat it.. just watch.. will continue to use it for grass.. she will eventually eat it!

Fourth day – pizza rolls – a hot lunch!  Remember, Keri has microwaves in her class, so she can heat lunches up.  She loves these homemade pizza rolls!


Last day (FRIDAY!) was a bunny lunch!  Was suppose to be a rainbow lunch, but forgot to get the stuff to make alfredo sauce.. (or be lazy and buy it in a jar, either way, I forgot to buy it the night before) – so.. bunny lunch it is!  Looks a tad bit different in this lunch box vs. the planetbox, eh?


As I said.. still getting use to the box, but will become more creative with these things as time goes on.. promise!  This is just the first week.  Oh, and GREAT news!  Keri lunches at school – she can order the pizza every Friday now so I dont have to send her left over pizza to school!  They changed it this year, so every Friday it is now a personal pan cheese pizza from CiCi’s and a fruit cup – perfect 🙂  So, only doing 4 Bentos a week.. but thats okay, I never took any pictures of Friday pizza days last year either b/c all you would see is pizza wrapped in foil!

I’ll leave you with this.. my little first grader on her first day of school.. I love this little girl!!


(Yes, I know the picture is not the best quality.. forgive me!  The subject though is still pretty darn cute!!)


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