Zhu Zhu Birthday: Party Table

My favorite part of Keri’s zhu zhu party was seeing everything come together 🙂  I loved to see all my creations in the kitchen and just how lovely everything looked!  Check out the other posts for details about how everything was put together.. this post, I’m just dedicating to pictures so you can see everything described in the other posts put together!

The Kitchen Island:

Side Note:  the pink containers (bought at Hobby Lobby) with the zhu zhu tags on them are for the silverware:

And a picture of the full island decorated:

A couple pictures of the banners on the food table:

Good wide angle shot of the food:

Another shot:

A front view of the table:

Kind of a wide shot showing everything:

And lastly.. my beautiful little girl in front of the food table before all her friends arrived to celebrate!

Links to more awesome zhu zhu party stuff:

Zhu Zhu Birthday Home

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Zhu Zhu Food Trays

Zhu Zhu Party Decor

Zhu Zhu Party Favors


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