Zhu Zhu Birthday: Party Favors

Every party needs party favors to the guests who comes to celebrate!  So, lets do a little math, shall we?  Don’t worry.. you’ll get it 🙂

Zhu Zhu + Party + Guests = ?

Any ideas?  Nothing?  No?  Yes?  Oh c’mon.. think simple.  What party favor goes with a a zhu zhu party..?  ZHU ZHUS!  Of course 🙂

I found these zhu zhus on eBay and Craigslist – all were “used” – but in awesome condition.  I got them for an excellent deal at about $1.50 per zhu zhu.. cant beat that!  In addition, the Craigslist lady also had bedding for the zhu zhus – so all of the zhu zhus had little beds, blankets or carriers as well.

But the zhu zhus needed something to sit in, right?  Of course they do.  I scored these awesome little containers at Target – 2 for $1.00.  They wereperfect!

And those cute little tags.. they turned out so well.  I did the image myself on photoshop.  Took me a long time to do this.. but they turned out adorable!

I wasnt happy with just zhu zhus for the party favors though.. wanted the kids to have something sweet.  Now, I knew I would be very short on time with starting school, so I decided to order cookies from Lily’s Cookies here in San Antonio.  The zhu zhu cookies turned out so pretty – LOVE them!

And here are the cookies displaced on the party favor table – I used a tin thing from Target’s dollar section and decorated it with zhu zhus.. and put all the cookies inside of it.  And of course that is lollipops next to the cookies!

And the final zhu zhu party favor table.. the kids loved this 🙂  I did too!  They turned out so good!!

The sign is a “Thank You” sign  – nice touch to the table 🙂

My beautiful girl with her party favor!  (And for her cookie – I baked an eggless sugar cookie at home, and had the bakery make an extra zhu zhu out of royal icing to decorate it with.  We took off the zhu zhu before she ate the cookie!)  She has wet hair b/c this was after the waterslide and everyone left!  (Hence why the playroom in the background is a mess too!)  My little zhu zhu girl 🙂

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