Zhu Zhu Birthday: Party Decor

Let’s talk about Zhu Zhu Party Decor, shall we?  Where on Earth do you get zhu zhu party decor?  Well.. you make it 🙂  Simple as that, of course!

Once again, TicTacTogs Graphic Designs had a beautiful set of zhu zhus that I bought to make the decor appeared here.  Check them out!!

Lets start with the banners.  The banners in the kitchen surrounding the table and island were little triangles cut with the cricut and I added a zhu zhu on a few to tie it in with the zhu zhu theme.  These took forever to make, but are one of my favorite things out of the entire party – LOVE my banners!!  (I’m a banner person, can you tell?!)

Next the banner for the fire place:

So pretty!  But, that is the just the beginning of the fire place.  Needed some decor to make this fire place looking decent.  But first.. what to do with that ugly center of the fireplace that we never use??  Seriously – we have lived here for 2 years, never used the fire place (why do we need to use it.. we live in South Texas!) – so the night before the party, my husband had a brilliant idea.. chalk board 🙂 My daughter helped decorate it for her party, and it is an awesome idea!

Now what to put on top of the fire place.. flowers and zhu zhus perhaps?  Yep.  Sounds good:

Closeup of vases with the zhu zhu tag (And yes, my beautiful daughter did all the flower arranging by herself!)

The top needed a banner too.. right?  I thought it did 🙂

And now the final view of the fire place – pretty!

We have this bar mantel thing that I needed to decorate, and so I took some baby jars that a friend gave me a couple years ago, modge podged some scrapbooking paper on it, and my daughter decorated them all with flowers.  There were 10 total, here is a closeup of it:

And the entertainment centers needed a little sprucing up!  So, put some zhu zhus in there.. and a couple little flower jars like up above, and tried to make them blend in with the zhu zhu theme:

Lastly.. one of my favorite and most talked about decorations.. the ribbon topiaries.  I made three of these total, and they will be beautifully displaced on my fireplace mantel – they took forever to make and are awesome!  You’ll see more in the other posts 🙂  The base is a flower pot.  I pained the rim a light pink and then used scrapbooking paper to decorate the rest using modge podge.  Love Love Love these!

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