Zhu Zhu Birthday: Party and Food Signs


Time to get very crafty for the zhu zhu party 🙂  SIGNS!  Banners are my favorite.. but signs, so cute!  I made various signs.. mainly because I had all this scrap paper and I didnt want to waste it, so I wanted to use it somehow!  You see, a 12×12 piece of scrap paper made 4 triangles for the banners.  What to do with all this scrap paper not used?  Signs of course!  I took spray adhesive, glued the scrapbooking paper on, and printed out the zhu zhus over at TicTacTogs Graphic Designs to put on them.  Using my cricut, I did the words below.  I was very very pleased with these!

Party Here Sign that was posted outside on the front lawn:

The Welcome sign posted on the front door:

And of course you need a bathroom sign!

And for trash and recycle:

Lastly, the Thank You sign that was on the party favor table:

And on to the food card signs.

These were fun to make.. they just add a little bit of elegance to the party table!  I just used scrapbooking paper.. little mini place cards, and decorated them accordingly. Made these thumbnails since there are so many of them.. and lastly a collage of all of them:






Links to more awesome zhu zhu party stuff:

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Zhu Zhu Party Table


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