Zhu-Zhu Birthday: Keri Is Six!

One year ago, Keri had a Littlest Pet Shop birthday.  She declared that for her sixth birthday, she wanted a zhu zhu birthday.  I thought she would forget all about it.. because lets face it, there are no zhu zhu party decorations out there.. at all!

It didnt happen.

By Feb / March, she was determined to have a zhu zhu birthday.. so, I decided to accept the challenge and give my little girl what she wanted.. a Zhu Zhu Birthday 🙂

I’ll break the various parts of the party into a few blog posts so it wont be a mile long.. and easier to find 🙂

Once I locked Keri down into a zhu zhu party.. I started to work.  I had so many things to get her.. and to make – all before my school started on May 9th!  Talk about a time crunch.. but I work well under pressure and did so many things for Keri’s party – and other than the cake (will explain later), I’m very happy about how things turned out 🙂

But first.. the basics:  The invitations!  To have a party, you have to have some cute invitations.  Zhu zhu stickers are very difficult and hard to find.  But, I found a graphic designer, Tic Tac Togs Graphic Design, and knew I had to have these little zhu zhus!  I emailed her and bought all the different little color zhu zhus she had.  Loved these little guys!  After I got these little zhu zhus, I went to work on the invitations.. and very pleased about how they turned out:

These invitations were sent out to both school and playgroup friends – one party this year 🙂

Next, I went to work on a Happy Birthday banner and a “Keri” banner.  Pictures are a little dark (sorry), but they turned out so cute and I’m very happy about the end result!

And yes, those are plastic table cloths acting as a back drop on the blinds – they worked beautifully!

You’ll see the other banners I made for the tables and fireplace in different posts – Loved the banners!!

Lastly, Keri needed an outfit!  Granted, I wanted to get PJs and an outfit, but didnt have time for the PJs.  So, just got an outfit.  I’ve ordered custom outfits from one designer, Mimi’s Girls in the past and loved her work.. so, I knew I could count on her to make a beautiful zhu zhu outfit for Keri!  Except this time, Keri wanted to pick all the colors – and she did.  She picked all the fabric and colors for her out.. and looks adorable:

Links to more awesome zhu zhu party stuff:

Zhu Zhu Party & Food Signs

Zhu Zhu Food Trays

Zhu Zhu Party Decor

Zhu Zhu Party Favors

Zhu Zhu Party Table

Preview in the form of a collage of what you can expect to see in the above links 🙂


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