Zhu Zhu Birthday: Food Trays

I’ve had this fascination with dessert / food type tables for a while now.  I just think they are pretty.  Last year, I did a dessert table for Keri’s birthday.  This year, I wanted to try to save a little money (didnt work, you’ll see why in a moment), and do a snack table rather than do desserts / pizza like I did last year.  LOVED how the result turned out.. so elegant and beautiful!

I bought these trays at Party City.  I was going for colorful (as the zhu zhus are colorful).  I found these cute little snack size containers to serve the snacks in.  I made 20 of each and put as much as I could on the trays.

Popcorn Tray:

Cheeto Puff Balls:

Chocolate Mint Balls:

Yogurt Parfaits:  (This was my husband’s idea.  At the bottom are either mini m&ms or granola, then vanilla yogurt, a little bit of whipped cream on top and sprinkles.  The kids just gobbled these things up!!)

Lets talk about something healthy, shall we?  Okay, the yogurt parfaits were sort of healthy.. but fruit is even better 🙂  I bought these trays at party city, the bowls at Hobby Lobby for the fruit dip and the large pink tin things at Target.  Self explanatory pictures:

Water!  This label took me so long to make.. oh, about 4 hours.  Why?  I dont know how to use photoshop, and I’m a perfectionist.  Thats why.. it sucked making these, but they turned out very very good.  Or, I think they did 🙂  So you have little bottled water with the water labels on them and the drink card.  Loved Loved Loved it!

Lastly.. lets talk about the cake.  No, scratch that.  Lets talk about the cake disaster.  Sigh.  I’m a full time nursing student with high blood pressure (seriously!!  Way TMI, but doctors are pinning my high blood pressure on starting school and dont want to do anything until the Fall to see if my body gets use to it and relaxes some), and I was just blah.  I had a house to clean, decorate, a major Pathophysiology exam about 36 hours after Keri’s party, and I was completely stressed out.  So.. cakes.  Right.  Cakes.. Okay, motivation is this beautiful zhu zhu cake and these zhu zhu cupcakes.  I could so totally do this.  Have you see my other posts of cakes I have done?  this was child’s play!  YES!

No.  Brace yourself.. here are mine:

And the cupcakes:

What went wrong?  The cake pan for the zhu zhu cake.  I was unable to find the Wilton 3d Egg Cake Pan.. this was after Easter, everyone was sold out, it was simply not happening.  I searched everywhere for it!  So, I bought an antique cast iron egg shape mold off Etsy I found thinking it would work.  Nope.  Baked the cake, and it did not work.  The two halves would not fit on each other due to uneven baking in the pan.  so, I just used one half to make each zhu zhu cake.

Next, the frosting – I made the stuff way to thin and couldnt fix it – so the frosting was beyond thin.  I forgot to add the ears to the cupcakes and had to go back and redo those.  I ran out of brown mini m&ms and sent my husband on an hour wild goose chase for more (seriously), the cupcakes were slightly burnt, I’ll stop there.

My daughter politely overlooked all the mishaps with the cake and cupcakes.. told me she loved them and made me keep them.  So, I did.  For our family birthday though, she asked if I could just make a regular round cake (the morning of, which I had no decorations for, of course!) – she (and my friends) are so beyond kind and just complimented the zhu zhu cakes.. but I know better – not my best work, but.. okay, Ill hush now 🙂

And.. just because I seem to like collages, a collage of the food trays (why not?!)

Curious to know what cake I ended up doing for our little family birthday instead of attempting to make a “pretty” zhu zhu cake?  Okay, sure, my beautiful daughter.. and chocolate cake 🙂

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