Teacher Appreciation Day – Post 2

While I was working on the gift for Keri’s teacher, Ms. Maribeth, I was also working on something a lot more bigger.. something special for all the teachers and staff members at the Montessori!

My friend, Sandy, was coordinating the event.  Teacher Appreciation Day – A day where the teachers and staff members at the school get spoiled rotten full with lunch, gifts, and a day of awesomeness.. because they deserve it!  Sandy wanted me to make a few things.. and this is what I came up with based on her ideas 🙂

First, the colors.  They were catering Mexican food for lunch for the teachers & staff, so bright fiesta type colors.  I chose red, yellow, orange and green to be the colors to work with.  With these colors, I started with the banner:

Next, I moved on to the tags for the bags.  I used the Teacher’s Apple stamps by Papertrey Ink to create these tags (and all other images / apples on the items use the same stamps).  They have a front and back.  The front is an apple and the back is personalized for each teacher / staff member (saying “Thank you <name> for all you do!”)

Next, something to decorate the bags with.. a card!  Again, personalized you’ll see the theme start to emerge with the gifts.

The water bottles.  Originally, we wanted to do a normal, wrap around paper for the water bottle.  However, I did not have time to do a design on my own (although, I’m perfectly capable of making a design, but realistically, it would have taken a few hours minimum to do.. Keri’s water bottle design took me 4 hours to make!) – and buying a design cost money.  And although they are cute.. I wanted something a little more different / unique.  So I found this:  Water Bottle Tag – I loved it!  I suggested doing this for the teachers.. that way they can make tea or lemonade or such.  She told me to go for it.. so I did and this is what I came up with:


Lastly, the candy bar wrappers.. my personal favorite!!  Originally, we were just going to do regular printable hershey labels.. but that isnt much fun.  Again, I dont have the time to design something (I am so not a graphic designer!) and I thought it was a little boring.  So, I found this example using scrapbooking paper to cover a hershey bar. Loved it!  I love the 3d effect that scrapbooking gives over the plain paper.  I wanted to do this, and this is what I came up with:

Just the tag:

And a picture of the water bottle and candy bar:

Arent they awesome?!  Loved how they turned out!  Used my cricut to cut out the tags and the Teacher’s Apple stamps, some scrapbooking paper from Hobby Lobby and some ribbon to tie it all together – they turned out awesome.

Finished gift bags (my end – more items were going to go in the gift bags!):

And thats’ it!  Happy Teacher Appreciation Day!


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