Teacher’s Appreciation Day – Post 1

In Montessori school, kids often spend a few years with a single teacher.  At my daughter’s Montessori, “primary” is ages 3-6.  So, Keri spent last year (pre-K also know as half day and Kindergarden – also known as extended day).  Keri has been with her teacher, Ms. Maribeth, for 2 years now.  In the Fall (2013), she will start her journey in lower elementary (1st – 3rd) with another teacher.

So, I wanted to do something very special for Ms. Maribeth.  I adore this teacher!  She has been nothing less than amazing towards Keri (and me), and I wanted to do something to show our appreciation for all she does.  She is an amazing teacher!

I started to scour the Internet & Pinterest for ideas for teacher appreciation day.  I found out what I wanted to do.. crayon art.  I wanted to give Ms. Maribeth a monogrammed letter (letter M) of crayons.  I thought this was perfect!

I bought a box of 64 crayons.. spent a couple hours (yes, hours), peeling off roughly 2/3rds of the crayon wrappers and started to assemble the letter M on paper.

It failed.

Do you have any idea how hard it is to make the letter M from crayons?!  I found a few examples from Google, but I didnt like them.  So, I scrapped this idea.

Now what?!  Well.. I kept going back to this post:  Teacher’s Apple from Papertrey Ink – I loved this gift idea.. and the stamps – oh my, how cute are those stamps?!?  I decided I would do it.  However, in the beginning, I was planning on using the apple from the Create a Critter cricut cartridge.  That was.. until I bought the stamps 🙂

I ended up doing Teacher Appreciation Day for the entire staff at Keri’s Montessori School also.  There was no way I was going to print out 200+ apples on my cricut!  I needed this stamp kit (yes, needed)!  So, I bought it 🙂

When it came in, I went to work on a very special gift for Ms. Maribeth. I did pretty much everything as in the Papertrey Ink example.  I used my letter stamps and made my own letter paper, used the same colors and such and think they turned out very well.   Check out the journal, paper jar and card:

Cute huh?  But, I wasnt happy with that.  I wondered if there was some way to incorporate post it notes into the gift basket.. so did a Google search for post it note frames.  Using an acrylic 6×4 frame, I made a very cute little post it note holder!

But I still wanted a monogrammed letter.. I had to have one in the basket!  So, using the same paper, I used modge podge to glue it on the letter M.  I decorated it with coordinating ribbon, buttons, and the apple of course.  Not bad and adds a nice little touch 🙂

Lastly.. my personal favorite – the clip board!  Every day, Ms. Maribeth comes out with the kids at pick up and has a clipboard.. a boring, brown, undecorated clipboard.  I wanted to make something personalized and special for her.. something that would stand out and be hers.  This clipboard by far took the most time out of all the projects I did.. and I am so happy of how it turned out!

The basket I bought at Michaels – thought the word “Inspire” on it was very appropriate!  I touched it off with a personalized tag:

I put everything in a cute little gift basket I found at Michaels, put a tag on it, wrapped it up, touched it off with ribbon and there you have it – A beautiful, elegant, practical teacher appreciation gift for Keri’s teacher.  Oh, best of all – the entire gift basket cost about $30 – Loved that part 🙂

Last but not least.. this post was all about Ms. Maribeth – Keri’s first teacher ever.  So, will leave you with this.. Keri and Ms. Maribeth 🙂


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