Peep Bar

My daughter loves peeps.. bleh!  Its just marshmallow with sugar on it.. not my favorite, but she loves them.  So.. I had an idea for our upcoming Easter Egg Hunt with our playgroup.. a peep bar!

This idea is so incredibly simple – anyone can do it.  And of course the kids will go crazy for this little display because it combines 3 basic things:  peeps, syrup and sprinkles.. ah, to be a kid again!

First – the basic decorations.  I found this banner on Pinterest on how to make a peep banner.  I loved it!  I knew I had to make this for my display.. but how?  I dont sew!  Out of all the things I do (you know, scrapbooking, photography, being crafty, baking.. the simple stuff) – I do not sew!  Cant do it.  (perhaps its because I dont iron either..?  Seriously – I dont iron.. doesnt sewing involve ironing?) – who knows.  Anyhow – I was determined to make this peep banner.  Instead of fabric, I just use pink cardstock and cut out the peep bunnies.  Next, I used a pencil eraser to make the eyes and nose – using the eraser end of the pencil, I pressed down in a brown ink pad for my scrapbooking and ta-da 🙂  A Peep Banner:

Next, I needed something simple for the center of the table.. just to emphasize what this is.  I have seen the peep centerpieces floating around Pinterest, but didnt want to spend too much money buying all those jelly beans / m&ms, flowers and peeps.  So, I did something incredibly simple (probably too simple), and for the kids.. it serves the purpose 🙂  Using a small vase I have, I filled it up with jelly beans (took about 3/4ths of a bag – wouldnt think it would have taken that much being that small!), and stuck a peep on a stick, added a sign, and you have yourself a peep bar sign.  If I had more money to spend, I would have done something a little bit more extravagant!

The first treat I worked on were with the original peep birds.  I just had to incorporate these somehow into the display.. so I decided to make little nests.  In the past, I have made chocolate bird nests for Easter, but with this egg hunt being outside.. I didnt want chocolate to get everywhere (its low 80s here.. chocolate will melt!) – so I found this recipe:  Birds Nests that uses pretzels and marshmallows – awesome!  So that is exactly what I made for the kids. I used the edible green grass you buy at the stores instead of coconut (as my daughter personally doesnt like coconut!), and jelly beans as the eggs.

Now.. the main attractions – the one thing the kids will go bonkers over.. the fun part 🙂

I bought all the colors I could find of the peep bunnies, tore them apart, and set them nicely on a display plate.

Next, the syrups and sprinkles!  I had three syrups – chocolate, caramel and strawberry.  And of course the sprinkles – there were 4 sugar coated sprinkles and one multi colored one.  (Because you need more sugar with peeps, right?)

And there you have it.. a peep bar – And yes, the kiddos loved it as expected 🙂






Will leave this post with the peep that Keri chose to decorate.. so much fun!


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