Easter Lunches

Oh how I love holidays!  They allow me to do themed lunches for my daughter.. and I love every moment of it 🙂  This week was Easter Lunches.  Tomorrow is a school holiday (Good Friday), so I only did 4 of them.. but knowing me, I’m not done and she’ll get a few more Easter related lunches next week too!

Monday – April 2nd – Bunny Lunch

Simple bunny lunch.. Keri has a thing for bunnies.  She was given a bunny lovey when she was about 14 months old as a late birthday gift from a family friend.  She immediately took to it and it became her comfort item.  I searched high and low and ordered 2 more bunnies as back up from eBay (very over priced.. but had no choice! Had to clean the original bunny!) – It took her a while to adapt to the new bunny.. so, she has two bunnies that she named Bunny and Other Bunny.  Other Bunny is in good condition – but Bunny I switch out every few months to keep the wear / tear down!

Anyhow – so, she has this thing for bunnies.. so we do a lot of bunny lunches 🙂

This lunch has two bunny jelly sandwiches, bunny cantaloupe, cheddar bunnies, oranges / bunny cheese and orange bunny gummies.

Tuesday – April 3rd – Bunny Lunch #2

Bunnies come in all different forms.. so.. bunny lunch #2 🙂  This lunch was a huge hit with Keri – her lunchbox was completely empty when she came home – she ate everything in it!

This lunch includes bunny biscuits (I used pillsbury biscuits, rolled them out to kinda thin, and used a mini bunny cookie cutter to cut out the bunnies to make “bunny biscuits”), bunny watermelon, applesauce & babybel bunny circle cheese, homemade bunny graham crackers, and marshmallow bunnies.

Wednesday – April 4th – Spring Lunch

Its Spring!  Okay, feels like summer.. but we havent hit the triple digits yet, so its Spring!  (80 / low 90s is classified as “spring” here!)  So this is a simple flower lunch.. oddly enough, this lunch took the most time to prepare out of all the others – simply because it has so many parts to it!  Keri thought this lunch was pretty.

The Spring Lunch has mini flower sandwiches with mozzarella string cheese and veggie straws, flower watermelon and cantaloupe, applesauce / string bean chips / mini flower bread bites (using breadstick dough from the dinner the night before, rolled out a strip, took a mini flower cookie cutter to cut out the shapes and baked them with the rest of the breadsticks), preztel sticks with mini flower cheese and jelly beans.

Thursday – April 5th – Easter Egg Lunch

This is my personal favorite lunch of the week!  Last night, we made homemade pizza (because its fun.. Keriloves to make homemade pizza and to decorate it).  So, I made some extra pizza dough, rolled it out, used an egg cookie cutter to cut out an egg shape and made her an Easter Egg pizza for today’s lunch.  The rest of the lunch just kinda falls into place.. I tried to be colorful!

Easter Egg Lunch – Easter egg pizza, an assortment of Easter egg fruits (grapes, strawberries, watermelon and cantaloupe), homemade Easter egg graham crackers, applesauce / babybel Easter egg circle cheese and a mixture of colorful jelly beans.

I had a carrot lunch that I made last week.. and next week I’ll definitely be making a “Lion & Lamb” lunch – Just more spring / Easter type lunches, but these are the lunches that I made for Keri this week 🙂


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