Menu Board

A friend of mine a while back posted a Menu Board picture on Pinterest.. and I loved the idea 🙂  This is right up my alley, and more importantly, I needed something to organize meals for when I’m at nursing school as I wont be arriving home until quite late in the evenings.

My inspiration came from this blog:  Menu Board   – I loved the design of the menu board!  I’ve seen quite a few on Pinterest that are the same as this one, and so this is my version 🙂

I used mini cereal boxes for the boxes rather than crayon boxes. I decorated them with flowers I already have for my scrapbooking, which added a beautiful touch.

I printed out each meal on white cardstock.  But.. that was too dull.  So, I digged in my scrap drawer and found various colors that matched to put the cardstock on.

I didnt think the cardstock would hold up though.. so, I used contact paper to protect them – it is a cheaper and easier way than laminating!  Keri helped me out doing this:

For the clothespins – I had mini clothes pins that I covered with scrapbooking paper.  Using a flower cut out, I cut out various flowers and in the center to hold the day of the week.  I cut out a bunch of circles, colored them with chalk, and used letter rub-ons for the letters for the days of the week.  I loved how they turned out!

And everything else just kind of came together.. loving the new menu board and hoping it does what I imagined.. helping plan dinners for when I’m in nursing school!

Keri thought the board was pretty and loved helping me make it.. and I also love the final result!

My next project will be making my Recipe Box that contains all the recipes for the menu cards!


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