Spring Break 2012

I start nursing school May 9th.. and I will be in nursing school throughout my daughter’s entire summer (next two summers, to be exact).  I feel incredibly guilty about not being home with my daughter.. as I have always been home with her from day one, but I’m trying to think of the big picture and our future to get us through me going to school.  And one way I am trying to make it up to Keri is spending as much quality time as possible with her.

Last week was Spring Break 🙂  My husband was out of town.. and I decided to make the week something special for Keri.  We did so much together, and this is just to chronicle our time together.. as my daughter means the world to me!

Sunday 03/11/12 – Our bring break actually began this day!  My husband left to go out of town this day.. and Keri needed a bathing suit and sandals.  After daddy left, we went to Gymboree and bought Keri a bathing suit (they were 25% off there, woohoo!) – then went to Naartjie to buy Keri a dress to wear for our mommy & daughter spa day.

Monday 03/12/12 – Sea World!  But before we went to Sea World, I made homemade blueberry muffins for Keri (eggless of course!) for breakfast.  Next, we went to Sea World.. where it was incredibly crowded!!  Keri still had fun – we spent 3 hours there.. and went for ice cream afterwards.  We were able to go to Sea World with Keri’s best friend in our playgroup, Hailey.  The girls had a blast!

Tuesday 03/13/12 – Our “off” day – We worked on a craft at home most of the morning for a friend (another post on here “A Box Of Sunshine”).  We did a little bit of shopping to.  We went to Hobby Lobby to get some ribbon, Target to get some popcorn to snack on while watching a movie and for sandals (to show off Keri’s pretty toenails for the next day!) and to Marble Slab for some ice cream.  Keri wanted to watch a movie, so she picked out Treasure Buddies and ate popcorn.  The movie was cut a little short though.. a friend of mine had a baby, so I really wanted to go see her and support her at the hospital – so, I dropped Keri off a friend’s house for a few hours while I went to the hospital.  She loved seeing her friend!  After Keri went to bed, I prepped the cinnamon rolls for the morning.. homemade cinnamon rolls!

Wednesday 03/14/12 – Spa Day!  But first, I finished up the cinnamon rolls.. baked them, and we had delicious homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast!  They were so yummy!  We were lazy in the morning together, and Keri chose to eat lunch at Chick-Fil-A.  After eating, we headed off to the Hyatt Hotel for our spa day.  We swam in the pool for about 2 hours and Keri loved every moment of it!  She is my little dare-devil 🙂  After the pool, we took a shower to get all cleaned up, got dressed and went to get our manicure and pedicure done.  Keri chose gold nail polish.. in fact, that was a requirement – it meant the world to Keri to (a) have both our nails the same color and (b) to have both our nails painted a “sparkly gold” – so, sparkly gold it was!  She was so happy!!

When we got home, we made a homemade pizza together.. and ate dinner.

An awesome day with my daughter!  Oh yes, and we had a mommy / daughter sleepover in mommy’s bed 🙂  Keri took a while to get to sleep.. poor girl just couldnt fall asleep.  The cats were locked up the entire night.. but she didnt have the HEPA filter running and had some breathing issues.. fell off the bed.. and tossed and turned all night.  I didnt get any sleep (at all) either – but, it meant the world to her to sleep in mommy’s bed.. so that is all that matters, making her smile 🙂

Thursday 03/15/12 – Morgan’s Wonderland – We spent the entire day at Morgan’s Wonderland riding cars, trains, playing in the water, on the playground and having so much fun!  We went with two fellow playgroup friends, Alli & Hailey.  Keri is still asking to go back to the this place, she loved it!  We were there until late afternoon.. and on the way home got some dinner and relaxed at home.  Keri slept very good this night.. think it was for making up for the lack of sleep last night!

Friday 03/15/12 – Today was an adventurous day!  We started off by walking “Snake Head Trail” at Stone Oak Park with a friend (Alli).  The girls loved it!  And of course we got rained on 🙂  They felt that to be quite funny actually!  Next, we went to the mall to eat lunch with our friends.  After that, Keri and I went to Edible Arrangements to get a fruit display for my friend who just had her baby.. it was her birthday the following day (Saturday), and we wanted to make her feel special.  We dropped it off at her house and ended up spending 2 hours over there letting the kids (Keri and Jaden) play while I visited with my friend.  Keri loved seeing the baby!!

Saturday 03/16/12 – Daddy came home this day!  But first, we made homemade banana muffins – Keri’s request – for breakfast.  They were also very delicious!!  Amazed that all three eggless recipes that I made this week for Keri turned out so yummy!!

We cleaned the house this morning.. and I gotta say, I am so proud of my little girl.  She spent an hour cleaning up her playroom – picking up all toys and did a wonderful job, so incredibly proud of her!   But after a fun week, the house was a wreck, and I didnt want daddy to see the house like that.. 🙂  Daddy came home after lunch and Keri was so thrilled to see him.

And that was our Spring Break.  I love my daughter so much, and I am so grateful I was able to give her an awesome Spring Break.. but more importantly, spend some quality time with her, I love being her mom!


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