A Box Of Sunshine

Keri has a friend who moved to Alaska a few months ago (military), and she misses him dearly! She has been asking about him for the past couple of weeks, so we thought we would send them a little something special.. a box of sunshine 🙂

We decided to everything during Spring Break during our “down town” from our various activities.  I did most of the sunshine / cards /crafty prep stuff prior to Spring Break.  The rest of the items we bought or made during Spring Break 🙂

First are the candy bags with the homemade tags that we made (candy from left to right are butterscotch candy, lemon drops, lemon heads, peeps and banana jelly beans).

Next were the cards and picture – I made a card.. Keri made a card.. and we made a homemade magnetic picture frame with the kids (Keri and her friend, Bryson).

And the rest of the items were store bought (lemon candle, banana laffy taffy, car scent tags, fingernail polish, bracelet, necklace and homemade playdough in the box).

This is Keri making the necklace:

We packaged all the items up really nicely in the box.. and sent it off to Alaska!  Hoping my friend and the kids will be thrilled to receive A Box Of Sunshine 🙂

We loved making this box of sunshine for our friends, it was so much fun to  make, and it really brought out our craftiness!  But most importantly, I loved doing this with my daughter 🙂

Note:  I had help with the inspiration of this gift idea 🙂  While browsing pinterest, I came across another blogger who did this, and I fell in love with it!  I had to do this!  Giving credit where credit is due – My inspiration for creating A Box Of Sunshine, please check this out:  Sunshine In A Box


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