MSSA Spring Festival

Twice a year, Keri’s school puts on a Fall & Spring Festival.  Unfortunately, we missed the Fall festival due to being out of town.. so I was really looking forward to the Spring festival!  I wanted to help out in every way I could.. so, I did 🙂

This year, the theme for the Spring Festival was biomes.  Keri’s class was combined with 2 others and were given the Temperate Forest biome.  I was in charge of snacks.  I came up with 3 snacks.. a forest berry punch, a forest animal trail mix and forest cupcakes.  And of course.. I had to get my craftiness on and help with some decorations too!

I passed the trail mix and the punch over to other parents so I could concentrate on the cupcakes.  They needed 200 cupcakes.. oh my.  First, I made the trees out of homemade marshmallow fondant.  Next were the mini cupcakes.  I used a simple white cake recipe that is both easy to make and yummy.  I also made a batch of eggless cupcakes so my daughter could have one.  I think they turned out really cute!

I also did signs for the snacks & crafts as well as a banner.. check them out!

The individual signs from the event:




And of course the banner I did:

All the signs and banner were made using my cricut machine – I used the create a critter cartridge for the animals, simply sweet for the banner, and cuttin up for the letters on the sign.  I love my cricut!

But most importantly.. the Spring Festival was for Keri 🙂  She had a blast! (picture is a close up of her.. she was not having all pictures I was taking tonight, so this is her trying to block the camera.. and I caught that beautiful smile in the process.. love it!)



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