A Sticky Subject

Keri has always been a sensitive girl – it is just how she is.. her personality.  She has never reacted to others telling her “no” or telling her what to do – she is a mommy / daddy kind of girl (mainly a momma’s girl).

In fact – Thursday, we went to the park to play with friends.  She and a friend had to go the restroom, so me and another mom went to the restroom with the girls.  There were 2 stalls – one was dirty.. and one was clean.  Keri opened the door to the dirty stall and my friend told her not to use that one, to come into the clean one.  Keri runs out of the bathroom and starts to get teary eyed that another mommy told her “no”!  I just explain to her why she said not to use that one and she was fine the rest of the evening.

But this doesnt just happen to other moms.. every now and then, her sensitive side comes through when talking with mommy or daddy.  Now, most of the time, she is extra sensitive when she is tired.. so the tired factor definitely played into this, but what happened tonight reminded me of the incident yesterday.

A friend came over to eat dinner last night.  She agreed to help me pick up an item from another friend’s house for Keri’s school (the school is doing a fundraiser in which they are soliciting donations for a silent auction to raise money, and a friend agreed to donate something.. but I never see her!  So my friend who came over tonight, who sees her and lives a lot closer to her than I do, agreed to go get the item to save me a drive).  So after she leaves, Keri goes upstairs and I go to the computer and email my friend to tell her another friend will pick up the item this week.

I was at the computer for 10 minutes.. seriously.

I went upstairs to take a shower.. and I see Keri hanging her artwork on the wall.. with glue.

Yep, glue.  Lovely.

I go over to her, compliment her artwork that she hung on the wall and ask her why she is using glue to hang everything.  She said because the scissors (plastic scissors) didnt cut the green tape on the table (we have some colorful tape that we gave to her to play with).  Uh-hmm.  Okay, but.. we dont use glue to hang things.

She gets tears in her eyes and breaks down.. she think I am mad at her and disappointed – I’m not..!  This is her art room – she can decorate it however she wants.. just not with glue!  I explain why we can not use glue on the wall – she understands and asks me to help her find the scissors to cut the tape.  We look for the right scissors, and find them.

Next, I casually ask about why she wanted to hang her pictures on the wall.  She responded that she wanted to make her art room pretty and hang the picture she brought home from school today, but I havent hung her bulletin board for her to pin stuff on the wall yet (true).  I tell her I have to get one additional board and we will hang them soon (promise!) and she can start hanging things on her bulletin board.  That response wasnt a good response..

Yep.. she gets teary eyed.. and breaks down again.  “So, you are going to take down all my art work??!  why??!” – Well, we have to hang the bulletin boards up and you can put everything right back up!  I tried to calm her down.. and decided it was best to just change the subject.

So, I address the picture she brought home from school.  I point to the beautiful picture on the wall and ask her “is this the picture you brought home from school?  Keri!  It’s so beautiful!!  And, you even added stickers on it?  How cool is that!” – She smiles, and says yeah, she really likes it.. but oh no.. not again..

Tears.  Why, what now??

“But, does that mean you dont like the rest of the pictures on the wall????”

Oh goodness.  Someone is tired!

“Oh sweetie, I love ALL the pictures on the wall – they are all so pretty!!”

Once again, I manage to calm her down, and suggest she does more stickers while I go shower.  She likes that idea.. and I set her up with stickers and go shower.

Wow.  I love my sensitive little girl.. she is my light, and I love the challenges she throws at me – her sensitivity always keeps me on my feet, makes me think carefully about how I react to situations and what I say to her.  I wouldnt change anything about her – and look.. look how proud she is of her artwork that she made at school.. and hung on the wall – with glue.  Love 🙂


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