Homemade S’mores and Hot Chocolate

Years ago, my husband decided to buy me a smores making kit as a present.  This was roughly 7 or so years ago, although I dont recall if it was for my birthday or Christmas.  I thought I would never use the thing.. I mean, really?  A Smores making kit??  Then.. we had a daughter and I started getting heavily active in a playgroup.  Since then, we have done several smores playdates and I am so grateful that my husband bought me this thing!

I have always wanted to do homemade smores.  How neat would it be to have homemade graham crackers, homemade marshmallows and your own specialty chocolate to make smores with?!  I wanted to do it.. and so, we did it!

First, I started with the graham crackers.  These are the Honey Graham Crackers by Allrecipes – although, I added a bit of cinnamon & sugar to the top prior to baking to get a little bit more flavor.  These are thin – as I learned the hard way that if you do not thin out your dough enough, you will end up with graham cookies rather than crackers.. and that would not be good for the smores!  So, I made heart graham crackers:

Next I did the chocolate hearts.  I have a chocolate mold that worked perfectly to make the chocolate hearts, so I used that alongside ghirardelli chocolate chips (an excellent chocolate brand!)  These were incredibly simple to make and obviously go with the heart graham crackers very well!

Lastly.. marshmallows!  First, I had to find an eggless marshmallow recipe.  I have come across several that have egg whites / meringue powder in them.. but I cant use that due to Keri’s egg allergy.  So, I found this recipe:  Homemade Marshmallows by the Food Network.  Now, although I’m not thrilled with using gelatin.. it was my only option since I couldnt use egg whites. I followed the recipe exactly and only had one small mishap… boiling!  The mixture boiled over and made the house smell lovely with a burnt sugar smell that lingered the rest of the afternoon.. but thats okay!  They were so well worth it.. check this out:

Look how pretty they turned out!  And, more importantly, they actually taste like marshmallows (and are quite yummy!) – I did it!  I was so tickled that my marshmallows turned out so well!

So now I have the homemade heart graham crackers.. heart shaped chocolate.. and heart shaped marshmallows.. that only means one thing:  its smores time!

Okay, so.. we have smores, but dont we need something to drink with it..?  What goes with smores to drink?  YES!  Hot Chocolate!

Ilove hot chocolate.. (okay, I love anything that is chocolate..!) – so I wanted to compliment the smores by making some homemade hot chocolate!  It had been a while since I’ve made this, but I decided to go with the hot chocolate recipe on the side of the Hershey cocoa box.  It is delicious!  I combined all ingredients on the stove top (doubled it), and made some delicious hot chocolate for everyone.

And why yes, those are mini homemade heart marshmallows in the hot chocolate..! 🙂  They are so cute!  Mmmm-Hmmm!

May seem like a lot of work.. but so well worth it – once you taste how yummy everything is together.. all that work making it just disappears and you can indulge yourself in the yumminess!

And my beautiful little girl enjoying her100% homemade heart smore and hot chocolate 🙂



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