Valentine’s Day Celebration

Time to celebrate Valentine’s Day!  After Keri and I made the valentines for all her friends, bookmarks, bags, and I did the Valentine Treats for Keri’s school – it was time for Keri’s valentine’s day 🙂  Originally, we had a valentine’s day party scheduled with her playgroup the day before Valentine’s day (the 13th) – so, I baked some beautiful eggless vanilla cupcakes and strawberry frosting.  Regarding the recipes, I did use regular whole milk instead of soy milk, these cupcakes are delicious!

But unfortunately.. these never made it to the party.  Keri caught a cold the next day so we had to reschedule the party until the day after Valentine’s day (the 15th) – but she did have one of the cupcakes.. and loved it 🙂

On to Keri’s Valentine’s Day Box.  This year I bought a paper mache mailbox for Keri to paint.  She decided to paint it pink:

We ended up putting a kitty made from the cricut as well as her name (made from the cricut too) on the box.  Next, she decorated it with stickers!

It’s beautiful!  But now we needed more cupcakes.. so, I baked her eggless chocolate cupcakes (from the “Are you sure thats vegan?” cookbook) and the chocolate fudge frosting from allrecipes.  I made mini cupcakes this time because I assumed there would be plenty of sweets at the party 🙂  I tried to imitate the frosting to be a chocolate kiss.. I think I succeeded, they are cute!

So after the party, we came home and Keri went through her valentines.. she had such a great time, and we loved every moment of it!


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