Valentine’s Day Cards

Oh how I love holidays!  Holidays mean I get to get crafty.. well, any special event means I get to make something!  Now, Keri’s school does not do a valentine’s exchange, but we do one with our playgroup.  Last year, I also made handmade cards (looking for the picture.. oh trust me, I so wish I could find that picture!), but this year, I intended to make bags instead of cards:

That didnt happen.  Wasnt happy with just them.. although they are pretty cute 🙂  I used the “Create A Critter” cartridge on my cricut to make the kitty cats.  The cats were as per request of Keri – out of all the animals, she wanted a cat on the bag.  So, my intention was to just make those bags and enclose a homemade bookmark, pencil, notepad, eraser and a chocolate heart.. but it was lacking.. what was it lacking..?  OH YES!  A valentine’s day card.. of course!

Look back at the bag.. notice anything odd, or just slightly “off”?  No?  I do.  The cat’s whiskers.. I had to color them black.  I shoudlnt have to do that – this is a cricut.. it should have made black whiskers for me?  At the time, I couldnt find my Critter booklet to see what I was doing wrong – so.. I searched google for an answer.  And I came across these two websites:

Create a Critter Valentine’s Day Cards – Site One

Create a Critter Valentine’s Day Cards – Site Two

Ah-Ha!  I didn’t print out the background of the kitty that is suppose to be black.. hence the black whiskers.. got it.  But wait, did you click on those sites??  My job this Valentine’s Day  just got a lot harder.. I had to make these valentines.. I had to.

So I did.  Check them out:

There are a total of 12 different animals:  cat, chick, squirrel, bear, skunk, dinosaur, toad, deer, ladybug, sheep, bumble-bee and owl.  All were made using the “Create a Critter” Cartridge off the cricut.  The size of the cards are 3.5″ x 4.5″ – and all the animals were made at 2 inches.  It took roughly 6 hours to make these (yeah, you read that correctly..), but the pictures will last a life time.. and they are just so flippin’ cute!  Well worth every moment 🙂

(Individual close up pictures of all 12 valentines are at the bottom of this blog post for those who want to see them up close and personal!)

So.. I have Keri’s valentine and her friends valentines.. but what about my husband??!  Once again, I saw this idea on Pinterest – however, I did not pin it b/c I didnt want to risk my husband seeing it (he is starting to think about dabbling in Pinterest… couldnt risk it).  I saw this card and just had to make it for my husband.. I knew he would laugh out loud when he saw it (and I was right..!!) – Here is the inspiration:  Adult Valentine Day Card.  I made my card using rub-on letters and heart stickers.. inside is a valentine’s day stamp.  Seeing the look on his face was awesome, loved it!  Check it out:

And that brings us to the end of the valentine’s day cards that I made 🙂  And my little girl with her valentine day’s card (the kitty – of course!)


The individual valentine day cards that I made:


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