Teacher’s Treats: Gettin’ Crafty

Before we were even thinking about the treats for the teachers, Keri and I were making handmade bookmarks.  Keri made these pretty much by herself with my guidance of course!  I got the inspiration to make handmade bookmarks from a site on Pinterest:  Heart Bookmarks.  How cute were these?  The site even includes a template for the bookmarks and I thought it was perfect.. until I started to make them.  Keri was getting quite impatient with me having to cut out every single bookmark, including the heart, so we quickly scrapped that idea.. and went to the cricut!

Using the George & Basic Shapes cartridge on the cricut, I used the tag font (5 inches long), and we cut out 10 per 12×12 page and 8 pages to make 80 of them.  50 of them went to the teachers, 24 to Keri’s friends and the rest just for home / extras.  The hearts were also created using various valentine’s day paper with the George & Basic shape cartridge.  I used a stamp bought from Hobby Lobby for the “Happy Valentine’s Day” and the hearts.  And finished it off with ribbon!  Keri did almost all the work on these.. so here they are:

So I have the bookmarks.. but what do we put them in??  I had this valentine’s day pail that I put them in and made a kitty cat for the pail to display them:

I made a couple more signs.. just to be displayed b/c I wanted to make some cute animals!  Made a monkey for the box of chocolates that said “Indulge yourself, you deserve it!” – it turned out pretty cute:

And the last sign I made was for just a greeting – I didnt take a picture of it on its stand (boo!), but here is the sign I made that was beautifully displayed on a “Love” Valentine’s Day Stand for the teachers:

Lastly, I made placemat cards for all the delicious treats.  I got my inspiration from a post on Pinterest:  Heart Cards – but of course I put my little twist on it a little bit!  Here are the place cards:

All of this was my way of gettin’ my crafty side on for the teachers of Keri’s school (Montessori School of San Anotnio) – and I think they loved seeing how much time I spent on everything!  Here is my last picture.. of Keri with her handmade bookmarks:


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