Rock Crayons – Mommy / Daughter Moment

Daddy had to work last night and Keri wasnt thrilled about that, so she wanted to spend some quality time with mommy.  She went to her room, got her bucket, put the door knob hanger on her door, and picked out drawing with rock crayons – our mission was to make something for daddy!  But first.. rock crayons, how cool are these?!

These rock crayons are different than normal crayons.  These crayons have a waxy coating and do not feel like regular crayons.  I bought these crayons from Amazon for Keri for Christmas because she has a thing for rocks – and I was so glad I did!  She loves these rock crayons!

So we drew pictures with the rock crayons.  Both Keri and I drew pictures for daddy. Keri decided to trace her hand and make her picture really colorful:

Lastly, we made some envelopes out of construction paper and taped it with yellow tape – Keri was thrilled to learn how to make envelopes out of paper!

And that was our mommy & daughter activity for the night.. rock crayons are awesome 🙂


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