Homemade Crackers

I love homemade crackers!  They are perfect for the bento lunches that I make for Keri because I can make my own shapes using mini cookie cutters.  In addition to cute cracker shapes, homemade recipes taste just the same as the real deal (if not better) and are generally much healthier for you compared to the store bought crackers!

This week, I made two different types of homemade crackers.  First are the ritz crackers.. just looking a little bit different!  I wanted to do a frog lunch for Keri, and wanted some frog crackers.  I found this recipe for Homemade Ritz Crackers from a website called The Cupcake Project and thought I would try them out.  It appeared she worked very hard and did a lot of trial and error to find the perfect ritz cracker, so it was worth a shot.. and ended up not working so well.  I’m not much on crackers to be honest – just not.   Keri is though, and she said she did not like these crackers.  After I tasted one, they did taste like Ritz crackers.. however, the homemade ritz crackers were not up her alley.  Anyhow, here are the crackers I made:


Next, I made homemade graham crackers for an owl lunch that I had planned for Keri this week.  I have made this recipe several times before, as my daughter loves these little crackers!  They definitely taste like graham crackers.. no question about it.  In fact, if you make the dough a little bit thicker, they turn out more like graham cookies – which is a huge hit with kids too.  The recipe I use is from Allrecipes:  Homemade Graham Crackers.  The only thing I change is add a little bit of cinnamon sugar on top of the shapes prior to baking.  These crackers are beyond delicious.. hence why we make them probably on a monthly basis!

And.. on to the lunches.. check out these lunches.. Keri loved them – especially the owl lunch (okay, little bias here, but how cute is this owl lunch??!)

Frog Lunch – 02/06/12 – Jelly frog sandwiches with meat sticks (“logs”), frog honeydew, yogurt & frog cheese, frog ritz crackers on top of veggie straws and green holiday mints.

Owl Lunch – 02/09/12 – Owl jelly sandwiches with candied eyes and veggie straws, owl graham crackers, owl cantaloupe with blueberries, apple sauce with owl cheese and yogurt chips.

Will leave this post with a picture of Keri and her frog lunch!


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