Eggless Chocolate Cupcakes

I have baked a lot of eggless cupcakes over the past few years.. and this recipe is by far my favorite eggless chocolate cupcake recipe!  The recipe comes from the book “Are You Sure That’s Vegan?” – You can get a copy of the recipe for yourself for free by going to this website and signing up for her emails:

Whats different about these cupcakes versus others that I have made in the past.. well, this one uses applesauce for the egg replacer.  Although I have worked with other recipes using applesauce, this one just has the right combination of ingredients that works beautifully together!  The recipe does call for soy milk, which we dont drink nor does my daughter have an allergy to milk (like she does to eggs), so we typically use whole milk to replace the soy milk.  But this time, I used buttermilk (as I didnt have any whole milk on hand), and it was delicious!  These cupcakes are so divine, you gotta try them!

For the frosting – I always use my no fail chocolate fudge frosting.  It is by far the best chocolate frosting out there!  This recipe is from – Chocolate Frosting.  I modify it slightly.. I only use about 3 cups of powdered sugar and use about 3/4ths a cup of cocoa.  I always use Hershey cocoa.  And of course, if I have it, I always use whole milk, but 1% milk (which is what we drink), works just as well also.  Word of caution however, do not add the milk all at once – especially if using reduced fat milk!  Add it in gradually until you get the consistency you are looking for.  The frosting tastes like fudge.. it is so yummy!

And this just happens to be the day I ran out of piping bags.. so, cupcake decorating time!  I let Keri decorate her own cupcake however she wanted – and this is what she came up with to enjoy her cupcake with:

Eggless chocolate cupcakes = one happy little girl 🙂  Best eggless chocolate cupcake recipe and chocolate frosting recipe out there!


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