You and Me Activities

I was on pinterest (not a surprise), and saw a wonderful idea that I knew I had to do with my daughter!

You & Me Activity

I have always been incredibly fortunate to be able to stay at home with Keri from the day she was born.  I never knew that a child could bring such love and joy to one’s world until she was born!

Before we moved (May 2010), we would always spend roughly 30-45 minutes a day of uninterrupted time before Keri took a nap.   We would go to her playroom, play just me and Keri, anything she wanted.  Some days it would be throwing a ball against a wall.  Other days, it would be having a tea party or doing a puzzle, but I always let Keri decide what to do.  When we moved, Keri stopped taking naps.  I did my absolute best to have that non-interrupted, dedicated, mommy & daughter time, but has become less frequent now that Keri is older.

Why?  Well, Keri is older.. more independent.. and in school.  We love our friends in our playgroup and often see them after school.  Or, we have dance class, or other activities that just take the time away from us after school.  When Keri really wanted (and needed) mommy / daughter time, she would ask me to play with her.  I hardly ever say “no” – It is so important to me to spend time with her and I miss our daily play time together.

After I saw the post on pinterest.. I was determined to make our playtime even more special together.  So, we made our own “you and me” hanger and bucket together!  Keri loved doing this – it meant so much to her!  She chose everything for the door knob hanger.. the paint, scrapbooking paper, ribbon color, heart color, font for the words, and did almost everything herself.  This is the final project:

Keri decided she wanted to get started right away with our “you and me” activity – she filled the bucket up with drawing paper, colored pencils and select markers.. and we colored together for 30 minutes 🙂  Of course, daddy didnt know what we were doing.. and interrupted us – after our activity was over, Keri had to explain to daddy not to interrupt us when the door hanger was on the door, it was so cute!

Keri is very excited about the new activities – we plan on doing them frequently, as Keri made my heart melt from one simple statement:

“mommy, i love spending time with you like this, i love you”


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