The Angry Bird Lunch

I have always wanted to do an angry bird lunch from the moment I started making bento lunches for Keri.  But how?  I knew the lunch would take forever to make, and last semester I was in school full time.. how would I ever get the time to do one?  Well, with me taking this semester to study for my CLEP exam, getting vaccinations, taking online training classes and running all sorts of errands prepping for nursing school.. I was determined to make time.. and here you have it.. An Angry Bird Bento Lunch 🙂

How did I make it?  Well of course I had some inspirations!  I began making the fruit birds yesterday.  I used watermelon for the red bird and pineapple for the yellow bird.  The bellies and eyes are made from coconut.  I used the cake tips to cut the circles out for the eyes.  The center of the eyes and eyebrows were made out of black licorice twizzlers.  For the red bird, the beak was made out of pineapple.  For the yellow bird, the beak was made out of orange peel slithers.  Here’s a closeup of the fruit birds:

Source inspiration for the fruit birds

For the angry bird cheese:  I used a Babybel original cheese.  I cut the peel off the bottom to make the belly of the bird.  The eyes were made out of mozzarella cheese and the beak was made out of cheddar cheese.  Now, the website used nori paper for the eyebrows and tail, but Keri does not like nori paper (why would she?!  its seaweed!) – so instead, I used the black licorice  twizzlers.  Thought he turned out cute!

Source inspiration for the bird cheese

For the sandwiches:  I think these are my favorite (seriously!!) – These are the King Pen sandwiches 🙂  I used the sandwich thin bread (whole grain white, as Keri doesnt like the wheat ones).  These are Jelly Sandwiches – Keri has a severe allergy to peanut butter, so no peanut butter in this house.. she is happy with just jelly 🙂  I printed out a little crown from the computer, cut it, taped it to a tooth pic and inserted it in through the top.  The ears are just little circles (cut using a decorating tip, think size 1A) and inserted using a tooth pic.  the nose is just cut by hand, and the nostrils I used a small circle decorating tip.  Eyes are made from mozzarella cheese, and the pupils are just a dab of chocolate.

Source inspiration for the King Pens

For the little King Pens:  I used grapes for this, mozzarella cheese (cut by a small decorating tip) and dabs of chocolate.  Hand cut the nose and used a very small hole decorating tip for the nostrils.  I was running a little late for time.. so those noses arent as clean cut as I’d like, but nevertheless, still cute 🙂  Obviously, the veggie straws are used to be the stones covering the mini king pens!

Source:  I do not have the source for this one!  I did see these little King Pens somewhere on the net, but it was before my time at Pinterest (I love pinning.. my new little guilty pleasure), and I did not bookmark that site at all.  I have tried to find the picture of these guys to give the original creator credit, but I cant find it anymore!

I used raspberries and veggie straws for “fillers” in the bento lunch.  I’m proud of it!

So.. you may be asking.. how did I get this lunch to Keri’s school?  Simple – I hand delivered it!  I think I embarrassed Keri though, unintentionally of course!  She got quite a lot of attention, and was just anxious to get everything out of the lunch onto her plate and eat.. and so I took a quick picture of her with the lunch and left just as fast as I came.  When I was leaving, all the other kids were crowded around her looking at her lunch – My apologies for causing a huge distraction at lunch time.. and hoping her teacher, Ms. Maribeth was able to get the kids back on track quickly after I left 😉

Anyways – Keri is why I do these lunches.. so, I will leave this blog post with a picture of Keri and her Angry Bird Bento Lunch.. and dont worry, this lunch only took me 2 hours to make and assemble.. and was probably devoured in less than 10 minutes.. awesome 🙂


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